News of the Absurd

Every now and again I am absolutely amazed at things that people do, our government does, and/or the news reports on. Today is no different. Looking at the information in the news today it just flabbergasts me that these things are issues. From today’s headlines:

1. Nelson Mandela has the same status as Osama bin Laden when it comes to the US government. That’s right, Mandela is considered a terrorist. Granted, it is a holdover from the Apartheid era, but it is appalling that this condition still exists given the relationship the USA currently holds with South Africa, the fact that Apartheid has been crushed, and the fact that it is NELSON MANDELA for the sake of Pete! It’s like making Condoleeza Rice persona non grata in Canada. (Then again, that might not be a bad idea!)

2. I am a Christian woman. I believe that there are certain rules that should be followed as a requirement of membership within my faith. As a result, the news of the FLDS compound raid has made me sick to my stomach, as I see much of the actions (if not all of the actions) as a direct violation of what God intends. The news of abuse of the women and girls is horrific, and then today there is proof that boys were abused as well. I just don’t understand. Continue reading

Big Bang Cakes Challenge Your Mother Plus 8 in Grey’s Ugly House Kitchen

aka How I Admitted That I Seriously Watch Too Much TV.

I know that I have no life, I know that there are other things that I can do with my time that would keep me from being such a slacker. But I have long had a serious addiction to all things that suspend reality. Movies, books, theater, music, and especially television.

When the writer’s strike happened last fall/winter, I actually got a lot done because there was nothing on TV. Now, for example, Monday evenings are particularly stressful. In addition to the CBS lineup of “How I Met Your Mother” and the “Big Bang Theory”, there is “CSI Miami” and “One Tree Hill”. That doesn’t count the rescheduled episodes of “House” and “Bones” over on Fox. (Thank heavens for Hulu, and its postings of Fox and NBC shows online for free!) And that is just on Monday. Plus the late night reviewings of Jon and Kate Plus 8. Then you throw in the other ones that I have on my Tivo, and it’s a long list of things to watch. I have mastered the art of the fast forward on my remote, and can get an hour long show over with in 20 minutes. But it’s a serious habit that I need to change! You’d think that summer would help, but noooo, then you have the cable shows like “Psych”, “Burn Notice” (isn’t Jeffrey Donovan adorable?), “Side Order of Life”, and “So You Think You Can Dance”. I won’t give up my Sunday night girls dinner where we watch the latest episode of “Gray’s Anatomy”, but something else has got to go!!!

Maybe that something should be the TV?

I’m Too Young for Alzheimer’s

I really am.

Friday, leaving work, I had to bang on the locked door of the office to get back in. I had forgotten to get the key to the company car.

Saturday, while I have already confessed to not being a morning person, I left for work and then had to turn around and go home because I had forgotten said key to the company car.

Sunday, I tore my house up looking for the key to the company car so that I could make sure I remembered it when going to work on Monday. Couldn’t find it anywhere. Then later that day I remembered that I had dropped it off at the hotel when I delivered the car–on Saturday–for two visiting regional supervisors to use when they got to Richmond on Sunday.

Tonight I was quite proud, I got to the movies almost 30 minutes early. V called me around 650 to say she was there. I went out front to wait for her, saw her nowhere. Yep, I was at the wrong theater. Hopped in the car, raced to the north side of town, and saw the sneak preview of Made of Honor. (Cute movie, completely predictable, typical chick flick, but had some funny moments.)

Got home, looked all over for the trash can so that I could put the trash out, the bin is already on the street for pickup tomorrow.

I swear I’m not losing my mind. Really, I’m not. I am too young for this!


There are some things that really irritate me. I know that there are many times I use colloquialisms or slang in poor context, and as a former grammar major, I apologize. Yet there are things that just irritate the tar out of me. Using the wrong word because spell check thought it was spelled correctly is one thing, but using a word that is just downright wrong cracks me up.

For example:

  • In a description of my pastor’s sermon today, iTunes has the description showing as the Pastor “talks to us about additions and how to overcome them”. I’m pretty sure there wasn’t any talk of multiple digit sums, the person that wrote the description simply forgot to put the ‘c’ in the word to make it addictions.
  • Reading a post from a chef that appeared on the Food Network Challenge about how he is not a fan of the dried grape, he said that he hates “rasins”. Not sure, but am pretty certain that a professionally trained chef should be able to spell the word raisin.

These are the things that drive me nuts. I don’t know why, they just do.

Divorce sucks.

So having dinner with H tonight I got to get the update on the divorce situation.  I was good friends with both her and C, and worked for C at several locations over the years.  But since the separation a few years ago I just haven’t had the desire to remain in close contact with him.  I love him like a brother, always have.  But every single time I have seen him since the split he has insulted me, offended me, made me cry, insulted my friends, my family, and my character.  I just cannot take it any more, so I don’t go to any efforts to speak to him any longer.  I have heard from him exactly once in the last two (three?) years, when he called my office at 530pm on a Saturday in a drunken stupor and left a long garbling message.  I know he has complained to his sister that I have been letting him down as a friend, but after the last encounter I just couldn’t bring myself to go through that any more.

And this is the clincher.  H and mother of child #3, J, are trying to prove that he is an unfit parent.  Two weeks ago they went to pick up the kids and were convinced that C had been drinking.  C, determined to prove that he was sober, called the cops himself to prove that he was sober.  J and H just found out the results this week.

He blew a 0.16 on the breathalyser–twice.  That’s 2x the legal limit.  And he flunked the eye exam.

So today, H had to tell the kids that they wouldn’t be seeing their father for awhile because he was sick.  And the youngest, S, asked if that was why daddy was shouting and so mad all the time.  It just breaks my heart.  And H, bless her heart, has really held it together well for the kids.  I’m not so sure I’d be that good in her shoes.

Divorce just sucks for kids that age.

Thunder, Lightning, and no Rain

I’m sitting in my recliner, typing away, and there is the most fantastic thunderstorm going on outside.  Only there is no rain.  Lightning, rumbling, heavy claps of thunder, and not a drop of water anywhere.  Still kind of cool, though!  Plus it made the temperature drop by several degrees, which I always like!  The thunder and lightning got heavy enough that I even had to get out of the hammock and come inside for the night.

So today I had to work up north at one of our satellite locations and lord almighty I was tired by 1pm.  Getting up at 6 just doesn’t agree with me.  Plus, I haven’t waited tables in about 3 years, and I have lost my legs!  I ran my rear off, trying to make sure that I was able to help as much as possible without getting in the way.  When things slowed down for a few minutes I realized exactly how much I hurt.  We had a good time, though, and L and I yapped the whole way home so that I wouldn’t fall asleep we were so tired!  I got home at 3, and thought I was going to pass out from exhaustion but I knew I was meeting H and the kids for dinner at that gastronomic delight, Cici’s Pizza.

We actually had a great time.  We were there for almost 2 hours, and each of the kids gave me a plant for my birthday.  I can’t wait to plant the lily in the front yard, but have no idea where to plant S’s zinnia that I won’t kill it.  And H gave me Othello, that great game from our childhood (and one I surprisingly don’t have).  The kids wanted to play, so I sat at the restaurant and played a game with each of them, to teach them the game.  Like I said, we had a great time.  Plus, hey, cheap date!

And if I don’t eat pizza for another six months, I think that would be just fine by me.

There goes the weekend

Remember that to do list that I had from last weekend?  Yeah, well, a lot of it was going to carry over to this weekend.  I had plans to spend time on Saturday with H because her kids were with their dad, and the resuming of Sunday night dinner (the girls gather here and we watch Gray’s Anatomy after dinner–tradition left over from when it actually aired on Sundays!), but other than that the weekend was mine.  I could change out the closets, work in the yard, watch a movie, CLEAN THE HOUSE, clean the back room, and so on.

First, H has the kids.  No biggie, when she drops the youngest off for a bowling birthday party the oldest will bowl with the two of us.  Then today I found out that one of our locations is going to be extremely short handed tomorrow and they really need workers.  So somehow I felt guilty enough to get roped in.

I really need to work on my guilt issues.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind helping, and since I’ll be back by 4 I will be able to meet H and the kids for dinner–albeit at Cici’s Pizza, home of the gastronomy nightmare.  But we have to be in the company car and on the road no later than 730 am, a time which I am usually starting to hit the snooze bar because I don’t get up until 8.

Let’s just say I don’t do mornings well, and I’m not looking forward to the hours tomorrow.  Well, to be fair, it’s not that I don’t do mornings well it’s more that I just don’t wake up well regardless of the time.  6 am, 9 am, if I haven’t had enough sleep it’s all bad.  I do get a comp day to use in the future, woohoo, but I still not looking forward to it.  Plus 90 miles each way with a girl I barely know, and I have to drive.

I would so take that comp day on Monday if next week wasn’t the week from hell.  Maybe I can make Memorial Day a four day weekend???