Musings on Mother Nature

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear.

I do not like hot weather.

I am all for sunshine-y days and the flowers of spring, the winds of change, the foliage of fall, and snow is a beautiful thing. But hot weather is not my thing. Let’s face it–in the winter, if you are cold, you simply add more clothes or blankets or find someone to snuggle with and provide some sort of insulation and/or warmth. When it is hot, you can only remove so much clothing before you’re pushing the public decency laws. And trust me. Seeing me in shorts and a tube top would not be a pretty sight.

When I graduated from college, I lived in apartments/houses that didn’t have air conditioning for about ten years or so. Now, I cannot imagine what I was thinking. I currently live in a very old house, which means no central air, but man I have a killer window unit that will make you pull out polar fleece in July. It rocks.

Currently, we are experiencing some really bizarre weather where I live. In the last two weeks we have had lows in the 20’s and highs over 80. Today was a beautiful day, complete with a quick thunderstorm (love daytime thunderstorms where you can sit and watch), and then breezy all afternoon. Gave me a great chance to clean up the yard a bit, then catch a movie with mom and B (21, highly entertaining!), then come back home and clean the back yard up some more.

Then the novelty wore off. I like to be outside, I just don’t like being responsible for the way it looks. Horrific allergies to anything green aside, I just flat out don’t know what I’m doing. Last year I dug up THIRTEEN @#$@%$ yucca plants out of my back flower bed. Today I dug up six more. Got over two feet down in the dirt before the taproot broke off. Sucker was bigger than my arm, and since I lost the direction when it broke that just means that I am going to have to do this again next year.

So I decided to clean up the rest, ready the tomato bed for next month, etc., then happened to look inside the house where the back door was open. I didn’t realize that the floor had changed to green, what’s up with that?

Yeah, the ENTIRE inside of my house is coated with a fine sheen of pollen. Where the heck did this stuff come from? It’s like the last 48 hours has caused this stuff to explode, and it’s everywhere! I only get a few months of the year to live with the screens in the windows before I install the AC, and this is supposed to be the time where I can sit back and enjoy it. But no! I had to come inside to scrub every surface (including the computer!) to remove the yellow-green dust that has permeated my life.

This is when I start to bemoan the fact that I am a home owner. Inside maintenance has never been my forte, much less outside/yard work. I always miss the conveniences of city life now when the grass has to be cut and everything is covered with weeds, and again when the leaves fall, as it just seems overwhelming.

But that all changes when I get to have an evening like tonight, where I fired up the grill, ate dinner outside, and followed it with a good 30 minutes swinging in the hammock listening to music. Dog running around, cat trying to get in the hammock with me and then realizing he doesn’t like to swing, trees blowing, watching a squirrel protect his nest and chase his woman around trying to get happy . . . these are the reasons I love being a home owner and having that massive back yard. So I’m going to enjoy spring for every second that I can, tolerate the dog days of summer, and give the house a thorough scrubbing to remove the yellow-green powder.

Bring it on, Mother Nature, it’s always worth the pain.

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