Foreign, Domestic, Next Door, Backyard

I didn’t sleep last night. I fell asleep on the couch around midnight, woke up around 2 and went to bed–where I laid, wide awake, until at least 7AM. I know it was daylight, and someone nearby was mowing the lawn when I fell asleep. That being said, I still woke up around 1030 in time to make it to church today, so I was very happy with myself.

At church, for the service that I attend, we have two regular pastors that kind of rotate sermon duties. Periodically, a third guy will step in and preach as well. All three are great guys, mid-30s to early-40s, but #3 has a preaching style that is not quite my taste when he preaches. While I respect every thing he says, he frequently has an air of “huh, how about that?” when giving the sermon as if there are more questions, more things that he couldn’t figure out. I always enjoy his sermons, just the other two guys usually leave me with more to chew on throughout the week. Today, the third guy preached, and for a change, I was actually interested. Continue reading