Birthday Thoughts

Yes, America, today is my birthday. Originally, the plans were to go to work, come home, and work in the yard with B. who I had conned into helping me. Then things changed.

It started with an email from my boss, who said “I’m at Patient First, by the way your childhood friends Moses, Cain, and Abel say Happy Birthday”. He then showed up at noon with gifts, balloons, and a cake saying “Happy Birthday from your childhood friends Cain and Abel”. Nut. In eleven years of working with the company, I haven’t gotten more than a card. Did I mention I really get along well with this new boss? Clueless, at times, but a good guy.

My brother’s last day at work was today, so he decided to get out of town for the rest of the week and come see his big sister. I love that boy. Last minute emails went out saying ‘can you come to dinner?’. It ended up being my brother, mother, stepdad, B., cousin N., and cousin in law S. I haven’t seen N&S in almost four months, so her being six months pregnant was really cute. Many of my friends were working or couldn’t come last minute, so it was just family really. Making brother drive and not having most of the department in tomorrow meant that I was able to enjoy more than one Gimlet, and since the soup course took an hour to arrive I was more than enjoying them. The food was really good, the service sucked, and I was having fun. Shared several tapas with B.–the langostine cakes, butternut squash risotto, pan seared scallop gnocci, and ahi tuna. Quite yummy. The Grand Mariner Creme Brulee was tasty as well!

So all in all a good night. Talked to brother a bit about his GF on the way home, and since he and mom have had words lately about his life in general I asked how that was being handled. Basically, she called him a spineless wimp for staying in a bad relationship. (Regardless of validity, very poor form. Understand why she did it, but still inappropriate). I asked him if he addressed it, he said he sent her an email but that was the end of it, which means that ignorance is bliss. Which upsets me.

So my great birthday afternoon/evening ended with me talking to brother about how I thought mom’s actions were wrong but her meaning was true, and the two things that upset me the most is that he’s not happy and that the guy who I always idolized and looked up to for having such a strong faith that came so easy to him has given it up for a girl that he’s not so happy with all the time. Which killed me, but there you go.

But the good news is that his big birthday gift for me is that he’s coming over tomorrow night to do more lawnwork!!! Sucker!! But still, I’m the age I’ve been telling people I was for three years, so now I’ll have to come up with another number.

Am I the only one who lies about their age by rounding up to make the years less painful?

Oh well, good night all, and have a great Tuesday. It’s been a nice birthday this year, and I thank you all for it.

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