Confessions of a TV on DVD addict

I really do have things to do in my life, truly I do. Yet I find myself sitting down each night, watching TV. And not just TV, but three or four commercial-free episodes that are on TV DVDs. Ever since I was a kid, books, music, movies, stories, TV–these are the things that allow me to escape from my own reality and live elsewhere.

Starting in October, I did a rewatch of the full Buffy the Vampire Slayer run followed by all five seasons of Angel. I’d play an episode as I went to bed at night (not the greatest bedtime story, natch). When that finished in February I was a bit lost, and needed something else to watch. Up came Sports Night. One of the greatest, yet under appreciated shows ever. Then I found the loaner copy of Battlestar Galatica: Season Two. I watched it in a weekend. Borrowed season 2.5, that’s done, and now I’m working my way through season 3 while making sure season 4 is recorded on TiVo. Yep, I’m a junkie. And I’m not even a SciFi fan. I heard an interview with Katie Sackoff today (Kara “Starbuck” Thrace) and she said that she thinks one of the reason it appeals so much is that it is a SciFi show where the SciFi aspect of it takes a back seat. That might be why I enjoy it so much.

It would be bad enough if that was how I spent my nights–going to sleep with the sounds of Cylon raiders streaking through the sky. But nooooooo. I had to start rewatching Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Now, I remember when this show started, and there was a big hoopla because the premise was the same as 30 Rock. One a drama, one a comedy. I just don’t find 30 Rock enjoyable at all. Besides, while I watched (and enjoyed) this show while it was airing on NBC in the fall of 2006 I now have to go and watch consecutive episodes back to back. Big mistake. I’m sorry, but Aaron Sorkin and Tommy Schlamme are frakking brilliant, and this, my friends, is an incredibly awesome show. With regular Sorkin guest stars like Christine Lahti (Schlamme’s wife) and Felicity Huffman as well as standouts like Eli Wallach, it is just a brilliant, brilliant show.

The problem, of course, is that I have to be at work in the morning and I cannot satisfy my urging to sit and watch the remaining three disks of Studio 60 and three of BSG in one go.

Yep, I’m an addict. A TV addict. A TV show on DVD addict. But hey, it’s cheaper than therapy, right?

Stay tuned, as I’m sure I will have a diatribe shortly on the shows that are still decent that I beg my TiVo to remember to record!

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