Rainy Day Sunday

Around 2am, we heard thunder. I had to stop and think about it because, well, we haven’t had a decent rainstorm in quite awhile much less a thunderstorm. It is now 8pm and it’s still raining. It’s the kind of day that makes you want to stay in, lounge around in sweatpants, and eat soup. I did make it to church this morning, but that’s about it. The afternoon has been a dreary, damp, gray afternoon. And I’ve loved every minute of it.

Here are some photos that I took around 4 this afternoon, when it should have been completely bright outside. It looks like it should have been 8pm then! Continue reading

Progress Report

To do list for the day:

  1. Six loads of laundry
  2. Cut grass in back yard
  3. Plant lilies in the driveway before they die
  4. Vacuum
  5. Clean bathroom
  6. Empty dishwasher
  7. Remove summer clothes from under bed and replace with others
  8. Change closet from winter to summer clothes
  9. Move hammock to front yard
  10. Return DVD set to R&C
  11. Shower and change in time to make movie/dinner with R&C
  12. Clean back bedroom
  13. Clean kitchen
  14. I know there was more, but I forgot what it was!

Of that list, I managed to do one-sixth of #1, #2, #3, #9 (which took six seconds to move and thirty minutes to swing in and enjoy), #10/#11–barely. Note: anything that required housework or time I blew off.

But the hammock is a lot of fun in the front yard! Dinner was good, surprisingly, as it was at a place where I don’t normally enjoy, but the salmon was very good. And we went to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall which was completely predictable, completely formulaic, and absolutely hysterical.

Goals for tomorrow:

  1. Church
  2. Swing in the hammock with a book
  3. Go see a movie with V&B tomorrow at 430
  4. Blow off the rest of the list from today and feel like I was productive anyway.