My dog has OCD

So I have a mutt. A combo of chocolate lab and husky, mostly, with a bit of a pit bull thrown in. We know her mom was a pure chocolate lab, we think her dad was a neighborhood runt. And my dog has OCD.

She has a lick granuloma on her right paw. Half the time I can’t even properly pronounce the term, but that is what it is. From what I’ve learned, a granuloma is when the dog will simply lick at a spot on her paw. From that, a behavior is learned. The dog will lick the hair and skin off so that it is a raw, oozing mess. Evidently common in larger dogs, it frequently is a response to boredom, stress, etc. Trust me, my dog has none of those issues. She’s simply got OCD. I think it’s the endorphin high from licking (also a common symptom). I’ve even seen her do it in her sleep. Continue reading