Poor Puppy/Scientology

What do these two things have in common?

Absolutely nothing.

I was logging into my WordPress account and saw the name Jason Beghe.  I have always liked him as an actor, so I clicked on the site.  Wow.  It’s an 8 part interview about how he got sucked into Scientology and why he left the organization.  To sum: it’s a brainwashing mind suck.  Very interesting.  So my plans of laundry and housecleaning tonight got stuck listening to this thing.  I mean, I have always thought that Scientology was a bunch of bunk.  I used to be a youth minister, and was actually advised to not even speak to a sixth grader that had grown up in Scientology.  I thought that was appalling, but as I didn’t know anything about the “religion” I started reading.  And it is the biggest scam that is currently running.  But watch the interview with Beghe.  It’s quite interesting.

As for the dog, here’s the photos.  Poor puppy.  She’s such a mess.

Doesn’t she just look miserable?