There are some things that really irritate me. I know that there are many times I use colloquialisms or slang in poor context, and as a former grammar major, I apologize. Yet there are things that just irritate the tar out of me. Using the wrong word because spell check thought it was spelled correctly is one thing, but using a word that is just downright wrong cracks me up.

For example:

  • In a description of my pastor’s sermon today, iTunes has the description showing as the Pastor “talks to us about additions and how to overcome them”. I’m pretty sure there wasn’t any talk of multiple digit sums, the person that wrote the description simply forgot to put the ‘c’ in the word to make it addictions.
  • Reading a post from a chef that appeared on the Food Network Challenge about how he is not a fan of the dried grape, he said that he hates “rasins”. Not sure, but am pretty certain that a professionally trained chef should be able to spell the word raisin.

These are the things that drive me nuts. I don’t know why, they just do.