I’m Too Young for Alzheimer’s

I really am.

Friday, leaving work, I had to bang on the locked door of the office to get back in. I had forgotten to get the key to the company car.

Saturday, while I have already confessed to not being a morning person, I left for work and then had to turn around and go home because I had forgotten said key to the company car.

Sunday, I tore my house up looking for the key to the company car so that I could make sure I remembered it when going to work on Monday. Couldn’t find it anywhere. Then later that day I remembered that I had dropped it off at the hotel when I delivered the car–on Saturday–for two visiting regional supervisors to use when they got to Richmond on Sunday.

Tonight I was quite proud, I got to the movies almost 30 minutes early. V called me around 650 to say she was there. I went out front to wait for her, saw her nowhere. Yep, I was at the wrong theater. Hopped in the car, raced to the north side of town, and saw the sneak preview of Made of Honor. (Cute movie, completely predictable, typical chick flick, but had some funny moments.)

Got home, looked all over for the trash can so that I could put the trash out, the bin is already on the street for pickup tomorrow.

I swear I’m not losing my mind. Really, I’m not. I am too young for this!