Big Bang Cakes Challenge Your Mother Plus 8 in Grey’s Ugly House Kitchen

aka How I Admitted That I Seriously Watch Too Much TV.

I know that I have no life, I know that there are other things that I can do with my time that would keep me from being such a slacker. But I have long had a serious addiction to all things that suspend reality. Movies, books, theater, music, and especially television.

When the writer’s strike happened last fall/winter, I actually got a lot done because there was nothing on TV. Now, for example, Monday evenings are particularly stressful. In addition to the CBS lineup of “How I Met Your Mother” and the “Big Bang Theory”, there is “CSI Miami” and “One Tree Hill”. That doesn’t count the rescheduled episodes of “House” and “Bones” over on Fox. (Thank heavens for Hulu, and its postings of Fox and NBC shows online for free!) And that is just on Monday. Plus the late night reviewings of Jon and Kate Plus 8. Then you throw in the other ones that I have on my Tivo, and it’s a long list of things to watch. I have mastered the art of the fast forward on my remote, and can get an hour long show over with in 20 minutes. But it’s a serious habit that I need to change! You’d think that summer would help, but noooo, then you have the cable shows like “Psych”, “Burn Notice” (isn’t Jeffrey Donovan adorable?), “Side Order of Life”, and “So You Think You Can Dance”. I won’t give up my Sunday night girls dinner where we watch the latest episode of “Gray’s Anatomy”, but something else has got to go!!!

Maybe that something should be the TV?