News of the Absurd

Every now and again I am absolutely amazed at things that people do, our government does, and/or the news reports on. Today is no different. Looking at the information in the news today it just flabbergasts me that these things are issues. From today’s headlines:

1. Nelson Mandela has the same status as Osama bin Laden when it comes to the US government. That’s right, Mandela is considered a terrorist. Granted, it is a holdover from the Apartheid era, but it is appalling that this condition still exists given the relationship the USA currently holds with South Africa, the fact that Apartheid has been crushed, and the fact that it is NELSON MANDELA for the sake of Pete! It’s like making Condoleeza Rice persona non grata in Canada. (Then again, that might not be a bad idea!)

2. I am a Christian woman. I believe that there are certain rules that should be followed as a requirement of membership within my faith. As a result, the news of the FLDS compound raid has made me sick to my stomach, as I see much of the actions (if not all of the actions) as a direct violation of what God intends. The news of abuse of the women and girls is horrific, and then today there is proof that boys were abused as well. I just don’t understand. This, the David Koresh followers, the Jim Jones people, I don’t understand how something as beautiful as a relationship with God and Christ can become so demented and perverted.

3. Speaking of religious cults, how on earth did this man manage to convince his wife that their daughter ran away to religious cult, then not only imprison her for 24 years but father seven children with her? the three children that he kept in the cellar ranged in age from toddler to teenager, some of whom had never seen the light of day before. Another article today reported that the leader (Prime Minister? President? can’t remember) of Austria wanted to apologize for the behavior of its inhabitants and they are going to be mounting a big PR campaign to make sure people don’t think of kidnapping and child molesting when they think of Austria. I’ve been to Austria. They are some of the friendliest, most sincere people I’ve ever met. The gesture is nice, but every country has its wackos and Austria, unfortunately, is no exception. People will think that this guy is a sick bastard, excuse my language, but no way is it a reflection on the country as a whole.

4. In the world of something nice being done, a geriatric, bald penguin is able to join in the swim again with his tank-mates thanks to a wetsuit that was specially designed to help make the penguin tolerate the cold water and swim again. How cute!

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