VT One Year Anniversary

April 16th has a lot of meaning for me. My great-grandmother was born on April 16, 1886. She died in September, 1986. Let me tell you that was one big cake we had that April. So for all my life, I always thought of my great-grandmother on the day after my birthday. I miss her horribly.

Until last year. Continue reading

Chaos Theory

I spent a large portion of my childhood trying to make sure that everyone in the family was happy. Or at least it feels that way sometimes. Can’t spend too much time with dad, mom gets hurt. Dad gets annoyed because we want to be with mom for the weekend. Mom gets upset because all she wants for Christmas is everyone to be together (difficult to manage with 2 kids, 2 step kids, 2 sons in law, 3 step grandchildren, jobs, life, and oh yeah dad’s family too). I frequently felt like I had two adding machines in my head that had to have an equal total at all times.

As I have gotten older, that feeling of making sure everyone is happy hasn’t gone away. My mother, however, has taken a different, passive aggressive approach, now telling me that “I pull this crap every year and she’s tired of it”. No, I don’t pull this crap every year. I feel this way every year, have ever since I was about seven. Holidays, Graduations, Birthdays, you name it. Continue reading

Foreign, Domestic, Next Door, Backyard

I didn’t sleep last night. I fell asleep on the couch around midnight, woke up around 2 and went to bed–where I laid, wide awake, until at least 7AM. I know it was daylight, and someone nearby was mowing the lawn when I fell asleep. That being said, I still woke up around 1030 in time to make it to church today, so I was very happy with myself.

At church, for the service that I attend, we have two regular pastors that kind of rotate sermon duties. Periodically, a third guy will step in and preach as well. All three are great guys, mid-30s to early-40s, but #3 has a preaching style that is not quite my taste when he preaches. While I respect every thing he says, he frequently has an air of “huh, how about that?” when giving the sermon as if there are more questions, more things that he couldn’t figure out. I always enjoy his sermons, just the other two guys usually leave me with more to chew on throughout the week. Today, the third guy preached, and for a change, I was actually interested. Continue reading

Musings on Mother Nature

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear.

I do not like hot weather.

I am all for sunshine-y days and the flowers of spring, the winds of change, the foliage of fall, and snow is a beautiful thing. But hot weather is not my thing. Let’s face it–in the winter, if you are cold, you simply add more clothes or blankets or find someone to snuggle with and provide some sort of insulation and/or warmth. When it is hot, you can only remove so much clothing before you’re pushing the public decency laws. And trust me. Seeing me in shorts and a tube top would not be a pretty sight. Continue reading

The Olympic Games

Today is Friday. All week long we’ve been watching, reading, hearing about the protests along the Olympic torch relay. And I’m all for protesting, it’s a way to bring attention to a cause. Shoot, in high school I was one of the founding members of our school’s Amnesty International branch. (Bet my mom never realized that!) There is a way to bring attention to a cause that can make people change their mind, that can affect change.

People, standing in front of a long distance runner who is carrying a flame of fire is not the way to do it. Continue reading

Hey everyone!

Okay, so I finally caved. I am creating a blog.

God help me.

I read blogs for many of my friends, but always thought that for just me it was a waste of time. Well, today I changed my mind.

You ever just get the feeling that you want to rant? Need a giant soapbox that allows you to vent, get everything off your mind, and then feel better with no worries? Just go on with life? So yeah, I signed up for a blog. Blame Plenipotentiary for the format, I think hers is one of the easiest ones I read so I came to wordpress. Liked what I saw, so here I am.

Blame me, blame Cam, blame the Olympics (which was the soapbox du jour), blame the grammar girl in me, but here I am, so look out everyone!

I might be here to stay.