Around the Headlines

It’s been awhile since I have done this, so I figured why not. Here’s a summary of some of the more offbeat, underreported items that I found of interest.

  • An Indiana eighth grader won the Scripps National Spelling Bee by spelling the word guerdon, which ironically means reward. My favorite moment came in an earlier round, however, where he was given the word numnah, which is the blanket that goes between the saddle and the horse. But it is hard to hear, and the poor boy thought the word he was given was numbnut. With a look of incredulity on his face he repeated it to the judge and the crowd went nuts. Upon finding out that it was indeed a different word, his response was “well that’s a relief”.
  • Rush hour traffic outside of Chicago, Illinois was lagging two weeks ago because a tractor trailer overturned and spilled its cargo over the interstate. Two lanes were closed while officials tried to clean up the mess. The cargo? Fourteen tons of double stuff Oreo cookies. Continue reading

I know I’m in my own little world, but this is absurd.

I know I live alone, with my dog and the unpredicted cat.  And there are times when you could swear that the pillow was over here, now it was over there; or when you could have sworn you had another beer or soda in the fridge but when you look there is none; or when you thought that the cans of soup were alphabetized or in ‘order’ and come back and they’re mish mashed.  While these little foibles are a bit irritating and to a beliver poltergeistish there is sometimes a situation when such things truly are an indicator of something wrong.

Take this guy, for example.  Thinks he is going insane because food goes missing.  Turns out he’s not going nuts but there is in fact a woman that is living in his closet, complete with mattress, and she has probably been there for awhile.  She was caught when the motion sensor activated camera on his pantry called his cell phone and the woman was subsequently arrested.

On the woman’s behalf, she had some cahones.  I get that it is expensive to live, and here she is not causing trouble just stealing food and taking care of herself to make ends meet.

Here are my two questions: 1)How did she get into the apartment in the first place?  Party guest?  Guy goes out to dump the trash and she sneaks in?  It’s impressive.  2)How on earth did this guy have someone living in a closet that he didn’t know about?  Just how big was his apartment that he didn’t realize that SOMEONE WAS LIVING IN HIS CLOSET for several months.  Is this man really that oblivious?

Yada Yada

So awhile ago I was in the evil place–also known as a bookstore–and saw a book on sale for about $5.  So what the heck, I picked it up.  It was called the Yada Yada Prayer Group. I did not realize at the time that it was the first of seven books, but it was cheap and a fun read.  While it was like a lot of contemporary Christian fiction (aka, schlocky and full of stereotypes) it was still an okay read.  So I finished it, hit the library, and have finished the first three books in four days.  The themes haven’t changed much, still schlocky and stereotypical, but the thing is stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason.  There’s a little bit of truth behind all of it.  And while it might make you cringe and while you might say ‘no, that’s not me’, the truth of it is that there is always a little something that you can relate to.

The books aren’t fantastic fiction, by any means, but they are an easy read.  I think one of the things that really rings true is that among this group of twelve women are various ethnicities.  Two hispanic, one South African, three black, and the rest white.  Messianic Jews, Christian, searching for God, and an ex-con among them, but still a diverse mix.  Thrown together by circumstance and not by choice they then have an experience that draws them together as a group. Continue reading

Tag! I’m it!

Okay, so I am surfing over to see how my friend is doing and see if there are any new photos of the girls, and what do you know dang it the girl called me out!  Like we haven’t all seen this in email format over and over again, now it’s in blog format?  But okay, here goes:

Favorite person (outside of family): Outside of family?  That’s just not fair.  Too many of my good girlfriends to pick just one.  Alphabetically there’s B, C, C, C, V, H, and a few others that are very important to me.

Favorite food: fresh fruit and veggies, milk–does that count as a food?  Okay, frozen milk–i.e., ice cream.

Quirks about you: Ha!  I so have more than one. Continue reading

Today I caught up with an old friend.

You know how sometimes, without even meaning too, you lose touch with someone from your past? We all have friends that are that way or pastimes that have ended, even though we do not want them to do so. You keep meaning to get in touch, you keep meaning to visit, you keep meaning to reconnect. But somehow you always run out of time, you never quite make it, you never remember.

I’ve been guilty of this just as much as the next person. Girls that I grew up with that I have then disconnected with. Girls that I was thick as thieves with in college and then haven’t spoken to but a handful of times in the last five years–if that much. (J, this means you!) Girls that I miss horribly as we did everything together for years. Girls that I stood up for as they got married, sometimes more than once come to think of it. I am not the greatest at keeping in touch, I will freely admit, as once I come home I usually do not want to speak to anyone since i am on the phone/computer all day. One of my closest friends I praise all the time–we met at a conference ages ago (ten years?  Good grief, C, has it really been that long?) Continue reading


Do you ever wonder who comes up with these ideas? Some make sense, some are cool, some are just laugh-out-loud absurd. My brother and I were at a loss for last Christmas when shopping for mom, so we turned it into an infomercial themed event. I think Goodwill has benefited from just about everything we got her, but it was still fun.

As I have had the TV on in the background today, these are the ones that I have heard the commercials for today:

  • Ped Egg
  • Aqua Globe
  • Buxton Bag Organizer
  • Sonic Scrubber
  • Infinity Razor
  • Craft Light Cutter
  • Awesome Auger
  • Debbie Meyers Green Bags

And this doesn’t count the ones that we normally see, such as the Continue reading

People Bore Me

Disclaimer: Sorry, bit rambling today, but lots of thoughts all jumbled up in my mind haven’t straightened themselves out enough to be linear. Typing this helped some, but not quite enough . . .

This morning I was actually up early (woo hoo!) and made it to the pancake breakfast at church without any hardship. Considering I am usually not even remotely awake at the time it started, this constituted a true accomplishment for me this AM. I had a very nice time, sat with some of the ladies from my small group and was joined by B and NoMH a bit after 8am. Because I was there so early I went to the early gym service instead of my usual 1115 spot.

Boy, what a difference between the two of them. Continue reading