Sunday Evening Wrap up

While I sit here and try to find something to write about tonight (something every day since April 11, almost halfway to the 60 day goal!) I am not finding much that is topic worthy in the news or in general. So here is a wrap up of a few things that have been going on and then some results from surfing around WordPress for news:

  • This weekend was a family reunion for my paternal grandfather’s family. The surviving seven siblings and their families were represented, of which my grandfather is the eldest. (Oldest brother is the only one gone). It’s an interesting mix, as my father’s uncle is just a few months older than he is. Many of my father’s first cousins are actually my age, and I am one of the oldest from the third generation–some of them are more than thirty years younger than I am. Then again, there are a (small!) few that are older, and one is a grandmother already. I mean, I know biologically I’m old enough to be one, but dang if that isn’t a scary thought seeing as how I do well with a cat and dog but can’t keep goldfish alive. But it was nice to see everyone together, it’s been decades since I’ve seen many of them. Makes me think of how family is not just blood, though, but the family you make. Which leads me to
  • Sunday night dinners are back in full force. Tonight it was the three girls plus NMH who is on the home stretch. And this is my family. I love my brother, love my family, but these are the ones that I rely on for sanity, hope , help, and support. (Not that my brother wouldn’t fit in, he just doesn’t live in town).
  • Clinton lost to Obama by just seven votes at the primary in Guam. Seven votes. Gore lost to Bush by much more than that in Florida, and it took a Supreme Court decision to verify it. Impressive that we have grown, and that simply hand counting is accepted.
  • I spent today putting my tomatoes in the yard. Washed off the deck. Wanted to do nothing more than jump in a swimming pool, but it’s too early around here. This guy writes about someone building a house that has a room with snow flurries in it. I’m sure they’d have a pool. And shoot, it might even be a week before anyone realized I was using it!
  • This guy says that he is an aquarium junkie. Yeah, but I bet he’s never given himself a black eye at one. Not once, but twice, at the same aquarium, but on different visits! Yes, that would be me . . . .
  • And finally, this guy articulates an argument that I have been making for awhile. Yes the BCS is broken, but we shouldn’t throw it away. Fix it, yes. Playoffs, no. Baseball and basketball make sense with a playoff, they play three to six times a week and each team multiple times. Football has twelve, maybe thirteen games, and if they hit an opponent more than once it is because they have made it to the conference championship. Individual bowls pit conference against conference, not top ranked, so that you’d still be arguing if the Rose or the Orange was the bigger game of talent. And most importantly, preseason and first four weeks of computer rankings are completely bogus. Amen.

On that final note, I leave you with this final thought. Even though it is against Furman, there are only one hundred and eighteen days remaining until the Hokies take the field. Have a great week!

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