In the news today:

  • The estimated number of casualties from the cyclone in Burma/Myanmar is expected to jump from 20,000 to almost 100,000 once full details are in.
  • Japan had an earthquake that registered 6.8, with no known casualties at this time but quite a bit of damage.
  • A 19 member team reached the summit of Mt. Everest today in order to proclaim that the Olympic Torch had reached the top of the world.  This is not part of the “official” torch run, and had to be planned in secret because of the Tibetan conflict.  Although the mountain is in Tibet and the team was composed of both Tibetan and Chinese members, these 19 participants could not experience the full joy of reaching the goal because of the secrecy needed to ensure success.
  • Israel is celebrating its 60th anniversary as a nation state, as a safe haven for Jews.  Yet thousands of families are forced to live apart as a ban on Palestinians and conflict with the West Bank means that the nation that was established for peace has anything but.

Makes my complaint of getting seven mosquito bites on my right foot seem small and trivial by comparison, no?