Further Clarification

So the junta in Burma has decided to keep all UN aid to itself.  Therefore, the UN is not going to deliver goods to these suffering people.  No, wait, yes they will, but the junta gets to decide where it is distributed.  And Burma/Myanmar has decided that it will allow the US to send products into the country to help with the relief effort, but not US aid workers.

I so don’t get the nuances of politics.  All I see is a nation the size of Texas that has lost half its villages and had 100,000 people killed in the cyclone.  Thousands more are set to die as the sanitation level has plummeted, with bodies in the water that is flowing through the destroyed villages and homes.  Orphans abound, families are ripped apart, and the military is picking the ones that it wants to provide aid for.  It just makes me sad.

Look, I’m no expert on international diplomacy.  I’m not even an expert on familial diplomacy for that matter.  I am a single woman in my mid thirties who was thrilled with the idea of coming home after work, changing out of my work clothing, and curling up with a book and/or the remote for the night.  Not exactly a glamorous life, but knowing the rest of my weekend was going to be crazy, I was craving a night at home.  And instead, all I keep thinking about are the people that I have seen in the background on the news reports.  Starving, filthy, no water, no food, no home, no family, no nothing.  And my heart weeps for them.

This is my last diatribe on the victims of the cyclone in Burma/Myanmar, I swear.  (That is, of course, unless I learn which name the country should really be called!)  Have a great weekend!

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