I need more day in my day

I feel like I could go for another eight hours and still wouldn’t get stuff done.  Today I slept in, which was great since I was exhausted, but that three hours could have been spent dusting or doing something productive around the house.

Well, okay, thinking about doing something productive around the house.

So today I did switch out my closet to summer clothes, made a gift for my cousin’s baby shower tonight, and started to clean up the back bedroom.  I could get on a roll, but then I’d not sleep, miss church, and miss mother’s day altogether.

I need more hours in the day.  More day in the day.  Or better yet, longer weekends so I can get all I want done without compromising my sleep or other commitments.

What stinks is that I really don’t lead that active a life.  I feel like I do, sometimes, but in truth most nights I come home from work and putz around until I go to bed, then get up and do it all over again.

Maybe that’s the problem.  Maybe I just putz around too much.  That, and TV.  Turn off the TV and I might actually get stuff done!

Sorry, pathetic post for a Saturday night, but I have tried to avoid the news as it has done nothing but depress me for an entire week and there really hasn’t been much else that I have done lately.  Hope y’all have a great mother’s day!