The bad with the good . . . and faith with it all

What is it with all these people getting sick lately? It’s the weirdest thing:

  • My former next door neighbor has stage 2 lung cancer, and when they went in to biopsy they found it had spread. They found what they thought was a clot behind the heart and when they went to remove it it disintegrated. Can’t take most pain meds, so he’s stuck. Finally at home, though, but still a horribly sick man. Still, he was in the hospital when they found the clot, which could have killed him within days.
  • Girl from church has a sister that had aneurysms on both sides of her brain. One burst, one did not. They were able, in two different surgeries, to remove the one and clean up the other. Remarkably, she has very little noticeable side effects and is doing very well. Continue reading