The bad with the good . . . and faith with it all

What is it with all these people getting sick lately? It’s the weirdest thing:

  • My former next door neighbor has stage 2 lung cancer, and when they went in to biopsy they found it had spread. They found what they thought was a clot behind the heart and when they went to remove it it disintegrated. Can’t take most pain meds, so he’s stuck. Finally at home, though, but still a horribly sick man. Still, he was in the hospital when they found the clot, which could have killed him within days.
  • Girl from church has a sister that had aneurysms on both sides of her brain. One burst, one did not. They were able, in two different surgeries, to remove the one and clean up the other. Remarkably, she has very little noticeable side effects and is doing very well.
  • Girl at work talked to her dad last Wednesday, said he wasn’t feeling well, she said he should go get a checkup because it had been a coon’s age since the last one. He said no, he’d be fine. Thursday he was in the ER, he has colon and liver cancer, but they aren’t sure how to treat it because they don’t know where it started from. But he’s at home and is doing great with pain meds, and the doctors are hopeful.
  • My mom is having problems with her treatment. The treatment is keeping her from going blind, but is glomming onto spots that are already weak. Therefore her feet and ankles give out quickly, and she’s developing all kinds of secondary issues that are just going to have to be dealt with. As far as she is concerned, she woke up this morning–which makes it an okay day.
  • My next door neighbor is having problems with her treatments from where she broke her spine. She’s isn’t doing well with the injections, so now they’re discussing surgery. Spinal surgery sucks. Yet she says she’s ready to go with a bag full of books and an incredibly supporting husband, she just wants it fixed!

That’s just what I can think of off the top of my head. Then you have all the innocent people in Myanmar/Burma who are not getting the aid needed due to the politics of the junta, the hundreds (thousands?) that are dead in China from the 7.8 earthquake today, the people in the midwest/southeast that have seen their homes reduced to kindling because of severe storms and tornadoes.

And in the midst of all of this, there is proof that faith will find ways to make it. My former neighbor has a fantastic wife and son that are doing all they can to help out, the current neighbor is saying ‘bring it on’ to whatever might help, my church friend is amazed at the healing powers at work in her sister, and so on. There is aid that is getting in despite the junta, people around the world ready to help with the crisis in China, and then volunteers from the entire country trying to help out in their own backyards.

It’s an amazing thing, sometimes, faith is. It can show up in places you don’t expect it to be and things you don’t really realize it will exist in. Yet in just about every circumstance you can find examples of things that shouldn’t have, couldn’t possibly have, gone right–and yet they do. It’s a fantastic thing when you sit to think about it, isn’t it?

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