Am I Betraying My Gender?

Or so I have been told multiple times today. I was asked my favorite between two mockups for future promo tags, I chose blue over red because the top two items on the tag were pink and they stood out more on the blue. Was told that I was the only female who liked the blue. (And let’s be fair, 85% of our customers are men, so don’t we want to cater to the male preference?) I was then asked when I was going to see the SatC movie. Look, I like SJP and all, but Kim Cattrall is annoying–has been ever since Mannequin and Big Trouble in Little China–so I have no plans to see that movie. For that matter I think I ever saw more than 30 minutes of the show, thought that was enough to last me. Was then told that ‘every female on earth wants to see that movie, what’s wrong with you?’. Okay, a) you have no tact, and b) bite me. Then I made a comment about Oprah and how I think that she might report some decent stuff but for the most part it is a bunch of people that just blindly follow whatever she says regardless of motive. Granted, she does some good things and educates many people that don’t otherwise know about a lot of things, but personally I feel she’s got her own religion/church/cult following. Was told that I am not a normal woman because I don’t worship the Holy Oprah Grail.

I cannot be the only woman that things these things, I swear. But geesh, sometimes working in an office that is full of Type A males doesn’t make me feel the best about my own self, you know?