A Disappointed Bookworm

So there are different kinds of books: books that I buy in hardback, books that I buy in paperback, books that I read with the full knowledge that it goes in the used bookstore box the minute I’m done, books that I reread every year, books that I may not read every year but I keep because I may want to reread them someday.  I have two library cards, one for the city and one for the county, yet I rarely use them.  I have over $350 credit at the used store, I can wait.  If it’s something I must read, I usually buy hardback.  At any given time I can have as many as four going at once–one for my lunch break, one for the hammock, one for the living room comfy chair, and one for the ‘at-home-library’ (which, to be fair, is more of a magazine room).

After spending 19 months reading nothing but textbooks and articles for my MBA, I spent six months reading fluff–well, when I wasn’t sleeping that is.  I needed nothing but brain bubblegum there for awhile, as I had no brain cells left that would allow me to read anything with a complicated plot to follow.

Then I went on a medical thriller run.  Forensic procedurals, mystery series, you name it.  Then I wanted something comfortable, something familiar.  So about three weeks ago (well, maybe four) I started rereading all the Harry Potter books.  Started with the first, just finished the seventh yesterday.  But then I was at a loss.  I haven’t been book shopping in a long while, so I needed something from around the house to read.  I have my lunch book, which is a fun little who-done-it tale, but then tonight in the hammock I picked up something that should have been enjoyable but instead was two hundred pages of nothing.  Not even good enough to be considered fluff, it was about a hundred and fifty pages longer than it should be, it could have been a lovesick eleventh grader’s creative writing essay.

What a disappointment when you finish reading something that is an easy but intelligent read like the Harry Potter books and then pick up some dreck like this.

Any recommendations for something good?

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