Sometimes, the city gets it right

Living where I do, in a town that has three other major towns within a two hour drive and several more within four hours, we get passed by on a regular basis. For someone like me who is a major theater junkie, that means that we frequently get passed by for various touring entertainment acts–concerts, plays, musicals, you name it.

But tonight was an exception.

Ever since BACI went bankrupt a few years ago we have not had many opportunities to enjoy touring Broadway shows. Well, for two nights, we got The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. (The third night was canceled for some reason). And it was a great blast of fun.

I have had the soundtrack ever since it won the Tony for best actor in a musical a few years ago, so I knew the words. Good thing, because the acoustics at the Mosque sucked as usual. Sorry, but it’s true. That place is just horrible for sound. But B, NoMH, and I had a blast, and it was a great way to kick off my vacation.

That’s right, I’m on vacation. My daddy is coming to town to power wash the house and help me clean out the yard (he keeps saying that is what husbands are for, and while NoMH helps it just doesn’t count) so I’m loving the fact that he’s coming down.

So hey! Great vacation thus far! Doesn’t get better than Broadway musicals!!!