I am in pain.

So today was part deux of my father’s visit. While I felt for him, he didn’t sleep well last night, I slept like a rock. We worked for another three hours this AM, trimming hedges, power washing a bit more, and then cutting down tree number two. He left to meet a friend around 1145 for lunch, and I cleaned up in the house a bit more. Once he came back to change clothes, load the trailer, and hit the road about two hours later, I climbed in the hammock with a book.

I lasted about fifteen minutes before I fell asleep.

I think I took a three hour nap. Woke up and then read a good 270 pages of a book. Then I tried to get out of the hammock.

Big mistake.

My calves are used to wearing 3-4 inch heels every day to work. I can walk in them until the cows come home. The last two days I have been wearing gardening crocks, and now my calves feel like they are about to pop in half. I am in so much pain it isn’t even funny.

But it was worth it. I cannot believe the difference washing made on my deck, patio, and chairs. And I have a ton of stuff done, then once I buy weed killer and a patio sealer I can finish up.

Tomorrow, I’m not doing a lick of work in the yard. I have a torturous eye doctors appointment in the morning, then I’m seeing the new Indiana Jones flick with friends. Nothing beats a day full of doing nothing!!!

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