Do you ever wonder who comes up with these ideas? Some make sense, some are cool, some are just laugh-out-loud absurd. My brother and I were at a loss for last Christmas when shopping for mom, so we turned it into an infomercial themed event. I think Goodwill has benefited from just about everything we got her, but it was still fun.

As I have had the TV on in the background today, these are the ones that I have heard the commercials for today:

  • Ped Egg
  • Aqua Globe
  • Buxton Bag Organizer
  • Sonic Scrubber
  • Infinity Razor
  • Craft Light Cutter
  • Awesome Auger
  • Debbie Meyers Green Bags

And this doesn’t count the ones that we normally see, such as the

  • Rotato
  • Magic Bullet
  • Hercules Hooks (which I have actually been given)
  • Oveglove
  • EZ Peel Gloves
  • Flat Fold colander (okay, I own this one too)
  • Magic Wallet
  • Ear Lift (the inspiration behind mom’s Christmas, as these were her Birthday present last May but she never took them out of my garage)
  • Little Giant Ladder (which my dad had when he came down this past week. I thought it was cool!)

So I decided to go online and see what the reviews were of these popular objects and if they were a load of smoke or if they were actually worthwhile purchases. Here is what I found:

  • Ped Egg: While it sounds like a grotesque thing, it actually got top ratings from users. Hmmm, maybe this is cheaper than regular pedicures???
  • Aqua Globe: So here is my question. If you forget to water your plants, what will remind you to put water into this thing? Seem to be a bit heavy, but if you live someplace that makes you water every day then I guess this would be useful.
  • Buxton Bag Organizer: Don’t buy it. Evidently it is made of inferior materials, the strap is nylon and cuts into the skin, the smell is awful, and the quality just stinks. Even saw some reviews that doubted it was truly Buxton as the wallets are typically long lasting, superior, and this was so very not that way.
  • Sonic Scrubber: Basically an electric toothbrush to clean those hard to reach places. Good reviews, but I’d pull out an Oral-B and save money.
  • Infinity Razor: Reviews I saw included the words “insultingly dull”, “leaves cuts”, “like ripping the hair off your face”, “Should be called the hair-ripper-outer”, “the worst thing I have ever allowed to touch my face”. Get the feeling this one should be a pass . . . .
  • Craft Light Cutter: Eh, mixed reviews. Some love it, some think it’s a waste of time. As a scrapbooker, it sounds like I wouldn’t like it. Evidently it takes several passes to cut a photo and the blades do not last very long. I’ll stick with the two that I already have, as it sounds like this is just a gimmick.
  • Awesome Auger: Rip off, poor customer service, puts holes in your wallet not your ground–sounds like it should be avoided at all costs!
  • Debbie Meyers Green Bags: Seems to be mixed. If it’s actually a green vegetable then it might work, but fruit, citrus, bread, etc. seem to not work at all. I’d probably pass.
  • Rotato: Seems to be something that is greatly loved, but evidently the blade dulls easily and the plastic parts break down easily. If you don’t overuse it, it looks okay.
  • Magic Bullet:Results: Aside from some disputes about the ten-second rule (pesto took about a minute), our testers were impressed with this “fast and powerful” personal blender. So simple to operate, you “could make it work by looking at it.” “Great smoothies,” said one tester, whose 21-year-old son wanted to keep the test model. Maybe we should let him. The small size makes it “best for singles.” Even for “a non-cook, it was cool.” Four stars!
  • Hercules Hooks: Works well on dry wall and wood, but you need to have Hercules himself put it into plaster. Two stars.
  • Oveglove: Mixed reviews. Most people seemed to love them, the general consensus is to keep them clean and out of an open flame. Use for oven use only, easy to use.
  • EZ Peel Gloves: (aka Tater gloves). Most say that it works fine, but that you’re peeling away as much of the potato as you are the skin. As someone who likes the skin, I’d pass.
  • Flat Fold colander: Top ratings, both online and from me! It’s space saving and holds a ton of food, plus the flexible sides allow for things to be easily transferred between containers.
  • Magic Wallet: Breaks easily, seems to be debate on if ribbon or elastic is better for the interior workings. Sounds like a money clip would work just as well, and not as much of a chance of it opening.
  • Ear Lift: My mom has sagging holes from her earrings, which is why I got these. Most people seem to like them, however there are many customer service complaints.
  • Little Giant Ladder: “Our own demo crew found it “cleverly designed,” “versatile” and “easy to adjust.” Some thought it was too heavy to carry, but agreed it wouldn’t feel as stable without the heft. A former painter said he’d “feel confident spending all day” perched on the Little Giant, and loved the economy of owning “a small fleet of ladders” in one.” Four stars!

Happy Shopping!

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