Today I caught up with an old friend.

You know how sometimes, without even meaning too, you lose touch with someone from your past? We all have friends that are that way or pastimes that have ended, even though we do not want them to do so. You keep meaning to get in touch, you keep meaning to visit, you keep meaning to reconnect. But somehow you always run out of time, you never quite make it, you never remember.

I’ve been guilty of this just as much as the next person. Girls that I grew up with that I have then disconnected with. Girls that I was thick as thieves with in college and then haven’t spoken to but a handful of times in the last five years–if that much. (J, this means you!) Girls that I miss horribly as we did everything together for years. Girls that I stood up for as they got married, sometimes more than once come to think of it. I am not the greatest at keeping in touch, I will freely admit, as once I come home I usually do not want to speak to anyone since i am on the phone/computer all day. One of my closest friends I praise all the time–we met at a conference ages ago (ten years?  Good grief, C, has it really been that long?) Continue reading