Tag! I’m it!

Okay, so I am surfing over to see how my friend is doing and see if there are any new photos of the girls, and what do you know dang it the girl called me out!  Like we haven’t all seen this in email format over and over again, now it’s in blog format?  But okay, here goes:

Favorite person (outside of family): Outside of family?  That’s just not fair.  Too many of my good girlfriends to pick just one.  Alphabetically there’s B, C, C, C, V, H, and a few others that are very important to me.

Favorite food: fresh fruit and veggies, milk–does that count as a food?  Okay, frozen milk–i.e., ice cream.

Quirks about you: Ha!  I so have more than one. The way I fold jeans.  the way I fold sheets–my G’ma even called me on it once, watching me, saying “Your dad taught you how to do that, didn’t he?”.  Cleaning up after dinner.  Making sure that the plastic containers and the drinking containers are in a particular order.  And so very, very much more.  You choose–OCD or anal retentive?

How would the person who loves you the most describe you in ten words or less: Wow.  I’m not sure who that would be, so I’m not sure.

Any regrets in life? But of course!  How on earth can you learn from past experiences if you don’t regret some of the choices you make?  Doesn’t mean I dwell on the regrets, but there you go.

Favorite charity or cause: Fan Free Clinic.  Keep it at home!  Education is prevention!

Favorite blog recently? Wow.  When I’m bored at work there are a few.  Pop Candy, The Park Bench, Kottke, Go Fug Yourself, Reality Blurred, Waiter Rant, PostSecret, not to mention the girl that tagged me and Plenipotentiary . . . did I mention that I get bored at work?  I tend to frequent pop culture sites, so I fully blame Whitney Matheson for starting my addition back when she authored Hip Clicks.

Something you cannot get enough of: Time.  Time to read, time to scrapbook, time to be with friends, time to work in the yard, time to work in the house, time to sleep, time to relax, time to do just about anything.

Worst job you ever had: Answering the phones for an appliance retailer.  I was supposed to have a six week temp gig doing accounting and other back end stuff, and instead I was sitting up behind the counter reading People for the entire time.  HATED it.  I did get a decent guy to date off and on for awhile, though.

What job would you pay NOT to have: One where all I do is work with budgets.  A pedicurist/podiatrist/anything else that deals with feet.  A therapist (I empathize too much).  Oh, there are so many . . . .

If you could be a fly on the wall, where? Oh wow.  So many ideas come to  mind.   Maybe in the Oval Office so I can see if that man actually has an original thought at all.

Favorite Bible verse right now: A while ago the kids performance at church was this great thing that had such a catchy verse, and for some reason it’s been going through my head for days.  So everyone sing along: “Just remember Romans 8:28!!”

Guilty pleasure: I have a tendency to OD on Ice Cream, the Food Network, and Joss Whedon shows.

Got any confessions:  I’m not Catholic, sorry.

If you had to spend $1000 on yourself, how would you spend it:  Boring answer: bills.  Between mortgage, HELOC, and student loans any extra cash goes thataway!

Favorite thing about your house: That it’s been power washed and is clean!!  The kitchen, which sold me on the house.  The huge backyard for Whim.  The ginormous detached garage.  And oh yeah, it’s mine!

Least favorite thing about your house:  I’m going with the small closets answer, and the fact that I only have one bathroom.  Granted, there is only one of me, but still another toilet would be nice.  Oh, and that it is one bedroom too small–need the office/craft room and someplace for visitors to sleep.  1000 square feet is plenty, but it can get a bit small–especially when you have the biannual swapping of the closet contents.

One thing you are bad at: Checkers.

One thing you are good at: Retaining useless tidbits of trivial information that no one ever needs to recall, yet I seem to remember.

If you could change one thing about your circumstances, what: Did I mention that I have college loans?  Big college loans?

Who would you like to meet someday? You know, this question is always on these sort of quizzes.  And the last email survey that went around came from a bunch of women at church who had some funny answers to a lot of stuff but then said one thing for this with no elaboration.  So I’m going to post here what I said to them back in February:  Everyone answered Jesus to this question, which struck me as odd since I know I’m going to see him one day (and so should you ladies, since I’ve been going to church with you guys just about since I’ve been born, so your answer didn’t count). So I’d want to choose someone that I either thought was really cool or would just be fun to hang out with.  Like Sidney Poitier seems like he’d be a great dinner companion.  But Lauren Graham seems like someone I could spend a weekend chilling out with.  And then there are all those great grandparents that I’d really liked to know.

What makes you feel sexy: Well, if I ever feel the occasion to try again I’ll let you know.  Right now I think that the cat just appreciates the fact that I shower because he likes to crawl on top of the towel and knead it with his claws.

Who is your real life hero
:  He’d kill me for saying this, but probably my brother.  Not for any singular heroic act, but just because he is a standard to which I hold most men.  Well, except for when it comes to dealing with confrontation as we both absolutely suck at it.

What is the hardest part of your job: The time when it gets completely slow and boring, and I have to pretend to look busy for eight hours a day.  And now that my iTunes is on my home computer instead of my work computer it’s a lot harder.

When are you most relaxed:  Right about now, when I’m just out of the shower and have eaten dinner, with the dog snoring, I just finished a great book, and I’m watching So You Think You Can Dance while typing away and have the cat asleep on my left arm.

What stresses you out: Trying to balance the family happiness scales.

What can you not live without:  Sleep.  Food.  Tea.  Splenda.  My faith.  Music.  Musical theater.  Whim.  Not really in this order, of course, but there you go.

Do you agree with the recent article that blogs are authored by narcissists?  Didn’t see the article.  Depends on the blogger, because some of them?  Oh yeah.

Why do you blog? Originally it started as a way to vent about how I hated the attention being given to the Olympic torch relay being used as a platform to protest Tibet instead of focusing on the athletes.  Then I was challenged to try and write something every day for sixty days.  I’m on day 48.  We’ll see what happens in a few weeks.

Who are you tagging? Well, to be honest, I haven’t even told many people that I blog.  I don’t even think my family knows as it isn’t something that I do for them, it’s more of a way for me to sort out my thoughts and opinions on everything from politics to TV to my faith.  Most of the people I am friends with don’t really have a blog, so I guess I’m going to have to say Camron as she’s the only one I’m close with that does this sort of thing, and as she’s indirectly responsible for me having one to begin with then I guess it’s only fair!  Then if anyone else reads it that I don’t know, then just consider yourself tagged too and trackback so I can read it!!

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