I know I’m in my own little world, but this is absurd.

I know I live alone, with my dog and the unpredicted cat.  And there are times when you could swear that the pillow was over here, now it was over there; or when you could have sworn you had another beer or soda in the fridge but when you look there is none; or when you thought that the cans of soup were alphabetized or in ‘order’ and come back and they’re mish mashed.  While these little foibles are a bit irritating and to a beliver poltergeistish there is sometimes a situation when such things truly are an indicator of something wrong.

Take this guy, for example.  Thinks he is going insane because food goes missing.  Turns out he’s not going nuts but there is in fact a woman that is living in his closet, complete with mattress, and she has probably been there for awhile.  She was caught when the motion sensor activated camera on his pantry called his cell phone and the woman was subsequently arrested.

On the woman’s behalf, she had some cahones.  I get that it is expensive to live, and here she is not causing trouble just stealing food and taking care of herself to make ends meet.

Here are my two questions: 1)How did she get into the apartment in the first place?  Party guest?  Guy goes out to dump the trash and she sneaks in?  It’s impressive.  2)How on earth did this guy have someone living in a closet that he didn’t know about?  Just how big was his apartment that he didn’t realize that SOMEONE WAS LIVING IN HIS CLOSET for several months.  Is this man really that oblivious?