1001 Must See Movies

So evidently this list has been making the rounds lately.  I’m surprised that I haven’t seen more of them, as much of a movie hog as I am.  Anyway, here’s the list, which dates up to early 2003.  I’ve marked the ones I’ve seen. Kind of shocking to me that I haven’t seen more, to tell you the truth.  But I managed a decent 40%, considering I wasn’t even alive for a little more than half of them.  Also surprised at how many of the musicals from the 1940s-1960s I haven’t seen, given that I love that genre (Howard Keel, Gene Kelly, loved ’em all!).  But it gives me quite a bit more to enjoy in the future!!!  (Update June 22: Hee!  Evidently any year that ends in an 8 shows up as 8).  Funny!

1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die Continue reading

A Disappointed Bookworm

So there are different kinds of books: books that I buy in hardback, books that I buy in paperback, books that I read with the full knowledge that it goes in the used bookstore box the minute I’m done, books that I reread every year, books that I may not read every year but I keep because I may want to reread them someday.  I have two library cards, one for the city and one for the county, yet I rarely use them.  I have over $350 credit at the used store, I can wait.  If it’s something I must read, I usually buy hardback.  At any given time I can have as many as four going at once–one for my lunch break, one for the hammock, one for the living room comfy chair, and one for the ‘at-home-library’ (which, to be fair, is more of a magazine room).

After spending 19 months reading nothing but textbooks and articles for my MBA, I spent six months reading fluff–well, when I wasn’t sleeping that is.  I needed nothing but brain bubblegum there for awhile, as I had no brain cells left that would allow me to read anything with a complicated plot to follow.

Then I went on a medical thriller run.  Forensic procedurals, mystery series, you name it.  Then I wanted something comfortable, something familiar.  So about three weeks ago (well, maybe four) I started rereading all the Harry Potter books.  Started with the first, just finished the seventh yesterday.  But then I was at a loss.  I haven’t been book shopping in a long while, so I needed something from around the house to read.  I have my lunch book, which is a fun little who-done-it tale, but then tonight in the hammock I picked up something that should have been enjoyable but instead was two hundred pages of nothing.  Not even good enough to be considered fluff, it was about a hundred and fifty pages longer than it should be, it could have been a lovesick eleventh grader’s creative writing essay.

What a disappointment when you finish reading something that is an easy but intelligent read like the Harry Potter books and then pick up some dreck like this.

Any recommendations for something good?

Am I Betraying My Gender?

Or so I have been told multiple times today. I was asked my favorite between two mockups for future promo tags, I chose blue over red because the top two items on the tag were pink and they stood out more on the blue. Was told that I was the only female who liked the blue. (And let’s be fair, 85% of our customers are men, so don’t we want to cater to the male preference?) I was then asked when I was going to see the SatC movie. Look, I like SJP and all, but Kim Cattrall is annoying–has been ever since Mannequin and Big Trouble in Little China–so I have no plans to see that movie. For that matter I think I ever saw more than 30 minutes of the show, thought that was enough to last me. Was then told that ‘every female on earth wants to see that movie, what’s wrong with you?’. Okay, a) you have no tact, and b) bite me. Then I made a comment about Oprah and how I think that she might report some decent stuff but for the most part it is a bunch of people that just blindly follow whatever she says regardless of motive. Granted, she does some good things and educates many people that don’t otherwise know about a lot of things, but personally I feel she’s got her own religion/church/cult following. Was told that I am not a normal woman because I don’t worship the Holy Oprah Grail.

I cannot be the only woman that things these things, I swear. But geesh, sometimes working in an office that is full of Type A males doesn’t make me feel the best about my own self, you know?

Technological Advances

The news today that HBO will be making shows available on iTunes has some people in commenting like crazy. “Why buy items for a disposable device” “Why have Tivo when you can watch online” “Why not wait for the DVD to come out”. It cracks me up. The people just start mouthing off and don’t listen to one another.

Look, I have cable, an iPod, satellite radio, and Tivo. As a matter of fact, I had the Tivo before I had any of those things. Had to be the only person in the state that had Tivo with a set of rabbit ears coming off the back of it, but there you go. I bought it and paid the full subscription price up front about six years ago. Now, I’m the Tivo people’s worst nightmare. I’ve had the same device for two or three years longer than they would expect without upgrading, and therefore have no fees, no nothing. The only reason I got a land line when I bought this house four years ago is because I needed it for the Tivo to dial in. (And I like the availability of a land line, but that’s irrelevant). I purchased the machine three days before I was leaving to go to South Korea for two weeks–and I realized that the fall TV season would be starting while I was out of the country. How was I to know that there was going to be a hurricane and I wouldn’t have power at the house for ten days while I was gone. Go figure. Continue reading

The bad with the good . . . and faith with it all

What is it with all these people getting sick lately? It’s the weirdest thing:

  • My former next door neighbor has stage 2 lung cancer, and when they went in to biopsy they found it had spread. They found what they thought was a clot behind the heart and when they went to remove it it disintegrated. Can’t take most pain meds, so he’s stuck. Finally at home, though, but still a horribly sick man. Still, he was in the hospital when they found the clot, which could have killed him within days.
  • Girl from church has a sister that had aneurysms on both sides of her brain. One burst, one did not. They were able, in two different surgeries, to remove the one and clean up the other. Remarkably, she has very little noticeable side effects and is doing very well. Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day, so for all you moms out there, I hope you had a good one. I managed to spend it with two of the women in my life, my mom and my nana. We didn’t do anything special, just hung out. After church this morning (which was a great sermon on parenting, by the way, given by the head pastor’s wife) I came home and changed clothes before picking up nana. What cracked me up was I was still in a contemplative mood after church, and from the second she got in my car at 115 to the moment I dropped her off at 745 she would not stop going on and on about whatever. But that’s okay, how many people get to have their grandparents live to see 80, and I’m very fortunate in that all 4 of mine did.

So we went to mom’s and basically just chilled. Mom wanted to play dominoes all afternoon so that’s what we did (I kicked butt!). Then we were going to grill steaks and have dinner, but the torrential rains put the kebosh on that and we ended up with a veggie dinner. Then I came home.

So I spent a nice, pleasant afternoon with my mom and my nana for Mother’s Day. What did you do?

I need more day in my day

I feel like I could go for another eight hours and still wouldn’t get stuff done.  Today I slept in, which was great since I was exhausted, but that three hours could have been spent dusting or doing something productive around the house.

Well, okay, thinking about doing something productive around the house.

So today I did switch out my closet to summer clothes, made a gift for my cousin’s baby shower tonight, and started to clean up the back bedroom.  I could get on a roll, but then I’d not sleep, miss church, and miss mother’s day altogether.

I need more hours in the day.  More day in the day.  Or better yet, longer weekends so I can get all I want done without compromising my sleep or other commitments.

What stinks is that I really don’t lead that active a life.  I feel like I do, sometimes, but in truth most nights I come home from work and putz around until I go to bed, then get up and do it all over again.

Maybe that’s the problem.  Maybe I just putz around too much.  That, and TV.  Turn off the TV and I might actually get stuff done!

Sorry, pathetic post for a Saturday night, but I have tried to avoid the news as it has done nothing but depress me for an entire week and there really hasn’t been much else that I have done lately.  Hope y’all have a great mother’s day!

Further Clarification

So the junta in Burma has decided to keep all UN aid to itself.  Therefore, the UN is not going to deliver goods to these suffering people.  No, wait, yes they will, but the junta gets to decide where it is distributed.  And Burma/Myanmar has decided that it will allow the US to send products into the country to help with the relief effort, but not US aid workers.

I so don’t get the nuances of politics.  All I see is a nation the size of Texas that has lost half its villages and had 100,000 people killed in the cyclone.  Thousands more are set to die as the sanitation level has plummeted, with bodies in the water that is flowing through the destroyed villages and homes.  Orphans abound, families are ripped apart, and the military is picking the ones that it wants to provide aid for.  It just makes me sad.

Look, I’m no expert on international diplomacy.  I’m not even an expert on familial diplomacy for that matter.  I am a single woman in my mid thirties who was thrilled with the idea of coming home after work, changing out of my work clothing, and curling up with a book and/or the remote for the night.  Not exactly a glamorous life, but knowing the rest of my weekend was going to be crazy, I was craving a night at home.  And instead, all I keep thinking about are the people that I have seen in the background on the news reports.  Starving, filthy, no water, no food, no home, no family, no nothing.  And my heart weeps for them.

This is my last diatribe on the victims of the cyclone in Burma/Myanmar, I swear.  (That is, of course, unless I learn which name the country should really be called!)  Have a great weekend!

Please clarify for me

I have a question. Is it Burma, or is it Myanmar?

If I am listening to NPR, it’s Myanmar. Granted, in college we were told that the name had changed and we were to pronounce it MY-an-mar, and when Carl Cassell reads the news he pronounces it ME-in-mar. But still, it’s the second of the two–you never see Burma or Rangoon, it’s always the alternative versions.

Yet when I read the paper, it’s Burma. USAToday, the Washington Post, even my local paper has Burma. And to further confuse the issue, when I look at online papers that also have television news like CNN.com or MSNBC.com, they use Myanmar.

Is it a printing issue? Is it because Burma only has five letters as opposed to the alternative seven and takes up less space on the printed page? Continue reading


In the news today:

  • The estimated number of casualties from the cyclone in Burma/Myanmar is expected to jump from 20,000 to almost 100,000 once full details are in.
  • Japan had an earthquake that registered 6.8, with no known casualties at this time but quite a bit of damage.
  • A 19 member team reached the summit of Mt. Everest today in order to proclaim that the Olympic Torch had reached the top of the world.  This is not part of the “official” torch run, and had to be planned in secret because of the Tibetan conflict.  Although the mountain is in Tibet and the team was composed of both Tibetan and Chinese members, these 19 participants could not experience the full joy of reaching the goal because of the secrecy needed to ensure success.
  • Israel is celebrating its 60th anniversary as a nation state, as a safe haven for Jews.  Yet thousands of families are forced to live apart as a ban on Palestinians and conflict with the West Bank means that the nation that was established for peace has anything but.

Makes my complaint of getting seven mosquito bites on my right foot seem small and trivial by comparison, no?

Tuesday night musings

While the states of North Carolina and Indiana are determining the Democratic candidate in the primaries tonight, I went out to the movies with my mom. Originally it was to be a movie only, which then expanded to movie and quick dinner, then when she found out that oysters were on the menu at Wheezie’s, well, we had a very nice meal which she quite generously paid for. (The tuna starter rocked, by the way, once you got past the salt. And the goat cheese salad was made to be shared–way too much for one person). Then we went to see The Bucket List.

Now, I know that this movie has been out for awhile. Neither of us had the opportunity to see it at that time. It is now playing at the second-run theater in town, and it was a fun, if a bit depressing, movie. Jack Nicholson is starting to show his age, but Morgan Freeman was, as always, superb. Continue reading

Sunday Evening Wrap up

While I sit here and try to find something to write about tonight (something every day since April 11, almost halfway to the 60 day goal!) I am not finding much that is topic worthy in the news or in general. So here is a wrap up of a few things that have been going on and then some results from surfing around WordPress for news: Continue reading

Kicking the Bucket List

When I was a senior in high school, one of my humanities teachers told the story of a man that had been homeless at a young age and a high school dropout that had gone on to great things in his life. His motivation was being told at sixteen that he should just give up as he wasn’t ever going to accomplish anything. He then went home and made a list of everything he planned on doing in his lifetime. From having a million dollars, to walking on the moon, the list also included owning his own home, starting his own company, running a marathon, getting married, having a vegetable garden, and various other things ranging from simplistic to wishful, attainable to dreams.

So I went home and wrote one of my own. Some things on it I’ve accomplished. Continue reading

Friday afternoon . . .

I am sitting in my living room at 130 on a Friday, the door open, the TV on, and feeling incredibly guilty because I’m not at work.  It isn’t like I’m playing hooky or anything, I’m billed in as taking 4 vacation hours so that I can attend a family reunion this evening.  I’m not even busy at work, it just feels weird having the rest of this beautiful day off while everyone else is working.

I really do need to get over my guilt complex issues and just say to hell with it.  I know this.  Easier said than done, though!

I’m off to clean house, shower, and pack before heading west!  Have a happy Friday!