Headlines that made me stop and think last week. . . .

Over the last week, there have been some things that made me stop and think.  Think about what we are doing to our planet, think about how we are losing so many of our natural resources, thinking about how I really don’t care who Jennifer Aniston is dating or what café they have eaten at lately.  Here are some of the ones that, for whatever reason, caught my eye:

  • In my mind, money is money.  I know people that laugh at those that collect change in a jar, but I’m here to say that that aforementioned jar has allowed me to pay my electric bill or buy milk in the past, so I say money is money be it a penny or a $100 bill.  Evidently this man feels the same way I do.  He tried to prepay for his gas, and he only wanted $10 worth.  Granted, he was trying to pay in pennies, but what’s wrong with that?  The article doesn’t say if it was pre-rolled or not, something I probably would have done in advance to make it easier, but it certainly wasn’t worth calling the police in and reporting the man as abusive and hostile.  If gas prices there are as bad as they are in the rest of the world, what’s wrong with putting the copper Abe Lincoln to use rather than having them sit around in an old jar somewhere? Continue reading

So are these lyrics brilliant or absurd?

Look, I have very particular music tastes.  I know this.  I enjoy a very wide variety of song genres, but the basic requirement is that it must have a lyric that I not only understand but enjoy singing along with as well.  Thus Broadway is a love because it hits all types, hits all genres, has lyrics you get, tells a story, and is just fun.

SXSW is always a great deal of fun for me, even though I don’t go.  The lovely performers make their music available for downloading, and I get it all.  Yes, all.  All 600+ songs each year.  It takes a bit of weeding, and some stuff you just know isn’t going to be worth listening to after three seconds.  And trust me–there is some weird stuff in there!

There are the surprises that you find and fall in love with.  April Verch.  Amos Lee.  Blackie and the Rodeo Killers.  Then there are those you already know that show up, like Chatham County Line, Flogging Molly, Aimee Mann, Kate Voegle, and so on.

It takes me awhile to weed through the songs, as I don’t get to listen to stuff at work like I used to.  Usually I keep between 100-125 songs from each year.  Some years are good for Rock, some for Singer/Songwriter, a few years ago it was AltCountry.  You never really know.  But I get some great stuff mixed in with the true lemons.

Then there is this one I ran across today.  I started to delete it, then it grew on me.  And I can’t decide if the lyrics are brilliant or just the stupidest thing I have ever heard.  It’s supposedly from a song called Lump by The Presidents of the United States of America–that’s how it downloaded at least.  You listen to it, and it’s, uh, well, not.  Turns out it’s actually a song called Peaches. Continue reading

As much as I love Joshua is as much as I am annoyed by Mary

And that’s a lot.

I am absolutely immersed in So You Think You Can Dance.  I have watched since Season 2, and it’s the water-cooler show for the girls here on the second floor at the office.

I love Mia Michaels and her ‘earthy’ style of choreography, I love the addition of Tabitha and Napoleon this year and their ‘lyrical hip-hop’ routines, I love that Doriana Sanchez thinks that disco and the hustle (which are admittedly difficult when done properly) deserve their proper place among the foxtrot and contemporary despite how cheesy they look.  I think that Tyce is hit or miss, I that Nigel is very well versed, and I think that Mary is extremely talented and full of great advice but needs to shut her yap on occasion and stop with the screaming.  It drives me nuts.  Be complimentary.  Have a shtick.  Just don’t do it at twelve decibles.

That being said, ohmigoshhowawesomewerejoshuaandkateelastnight?????  Continue reading

100 Modern Day Must-See Movies

Okay, this is more to my liking.  A while ago I had this post which showed my unbeknownst lack of movie knowledge.  The following is another list of the top 100 by Entertainment Weekly, with the caveat that it had to be released after 1983.  MUCH more to my style, as thus far I have a 63% viewing rate.  Not so big on some of the action/guns-‘n-gore movies, so that puts a bit of a damper on it..  Again, those I’ve seen have been marked.  I’m not sure how much I agree with the list, though.   I do find it interesting that there are quite a few Oscar winners not on here, and I’m not so sure that I would have put some of these on the list, but who am I to sit and contemplate the top 100.  Let someone else do the work, and I’ll make my own snarky comments!  Oh, and again, anything that has a year ending in an 8 will probably show up as 8) .  Anyone know how to get around that?

100 New Movie Classics:

100. South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut (1999)  [Yeah, just no interest in seeing this one.]
99. The Blair Witch Project (1999)
98. The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999)
97. Glory (1989)
96. Far From Heaven (2002)
95. In the Mood for Love (2001) Continue reading

Sometimes what is considered news just baffles me

You know, there are legitimate news stories. Sad, happy, scary, serious, trivial . . . but legitimate. News, sports, entertainment, weather, culture, international . . . also legitimate. Tim Russert died. Floodwaters in Iowa. Wildfires throughout the country. All legitimate.

Then there is the other news. The stuff that I just don’t believe is considered worthy of headlines, yet various websites and news services deem noteworthy. These are some of the examples:

  • In Genoa, Italy a man kidnapped his ex girlfriend. Yes that is a crime. I get that. He was mad at her for leaving him, so he kidnapped her. The motivation behind it is what cracks me up–he needed someone to iron his clothes and do the dishes.
  • A man in Singapore was arrested for molesting 23 women in 15 months. He is to serve 14 years in jail and receive 18 strokes of the cane (Caning on the buttocks is an additional punishment for male criminals in Singapore for offenses ranging from vandalism to illegal possession of drugs and rape). Again, molestation is a legitimate crime and deserves harsh punishment. But he did not sexually molest these women. He was convicted for sniffing their armpits. He received such a harsh sentence because of the extreme likelihood that he may repeat the crime. Hey, you never know. He might work for Secret–it’s strong enough for a man, but made for a woman, remember? Continue reading

My eMailbox Overfloweth

Usually, when I check my email, I have to delete a ton of spam, then a bunch of emails from places like Target and Lowe’s that I don’t really care about to get down to the one or two really important things (like my checking account balance and something sarcastic from my brother). Today I go to check and I freaked–how on earth could I have so many?

Ah. The one person I called out in my very first post finally cleaned out her eMail box and found my blog.

Hi honey! I’ve missed you!

That’s it for today, but stay tuned for tomorrow’s weird news roundup as I found some bizarro stuff across my desk the last few days!

Am I a Second-Cousin Now or a First-Cousin-Once-Removed?

I still have a hard time believing my cousins N&S are parents, but how cute is this little guy?  He was born today and weighed 8 pounds 13 ounces.

Here’s the irony–yesterday was the family reunion for those on my maternal grandmother’s side of the family, hosted by my mother.  My mother’s sister is now one of the proud grandmothers of this beautiful child.  Of the five cousins, N is the first to become a parent, and I couldn’t be happier for them.  And doesn’t S look fantastic for someone who had given birth less than 10 hours prior to the photo???

The reunion last night was fun as well.  We only had about 16 or so show up, but once again we met a relative we had never heard of before.  The “new guy” last year brought his 5 year old daughter, and after a few moments of shyness she was a doll.  It also turned into a surprise birthday party for my nana, who will be 80 in a few weeks.  Since the majority of the family will be out of town we figured this would be the perfect time to celebrate.  After way too much food, the 3rd annual reunion came to an end.  It has been nice to be able to get together while everyone is alive in this family, as frequently the only time the majority of us get together is when a family member has passed away.

Today was also father’s day, so my mom, brother, and I went with my step-father to the local AAA team’s ball game.  Fun, but as we were with a bunch of people I work with it was a bit odd.

But hey, what a father’s day gift for my cousin–he’s a daddy!!!!

I completely missed my anniversary!

Okay, it was officially at 60 days.  But hey!  Today marks the 64th day of consecutive posting!  I accomplished my goal, which was to write something every day for 60 days.

Granted there were some items that were obviously forced (Ashton Kutcher’s Nikon commercial, anyone?) because, let’s face it, the tedium of my summer is immense.

But I’m proud of myself, and it did certainly give me something to vent with on occasion.  I even had fun with the news postings.

Will I continue posting every day?  I don’t know, but I don’t have to feel guilty if I don’t any more.  Will I still use this as a location to vent, unload, ponder, wonder, emote, and express?  Yeah, definitely.

I think as long as it doesn’t feel like a hassle or a problem trying to post, then yes I’ll keep it.  I know that some topics were stretched, but at the same time it was nice to be able to sort out my thought processes without burdening my friends.

It’s been fun!  And here’s to sixty (four) days!!!

I don’t even LIKE Ashton Kutcher

It seems like every time I turn on the television, that crazy Ashton Kutcher commercial for Nikon is on.  Now, truth be told, I don’t even like the boy.  Granted, he has a beautiful wife and seems to be a great stepfather, but what on earth makes people think that his personal life combined with a dubious acting career makes him the prime pitch person for Nikon cameras?

Yet I can’t help it, I want one.

I’ve been looking at digital SLR cameras for awhile, now, and after decades of my Pentax and loving my point and shoot digital, I have to admit that Nikon was one of the two that I was looking at.  And darned if his commercial doesn’t make me want it more.

So while I would normally say that advertising on TV doesn’t have any bearing on my choices (usually because I am fast forwarding through them all) I guess, in this case, it actually worked!

Let the summer couch potato season begin!

How much do I look forward to sitting in my chair on Wednesday and Thursday nights now?  I came home from work around 11 with a stomach bug, and worked until around 5.  I passed out, took meds, and then realized that it was Wednesday.  The first night of So You Think You Can Dance‘s actual competition.

Okay, again, I don’t lead much of a life.  When this is the most exciting thing that has happened to me this week then I really need to reevaluate.

But hey!  SYTYCD! I don’t watch American Idol or Dancing with the Stars, I think they’re both boring.  But this?  This, I can get into.  So sit back, find your local Fox affiliate, and enjoy the ride!

WHAT is the NAME of that SONG??!!??!!

We all know that feeling, right? You hear a song on the radio and you go crazy trying to remember either the lyrics, the artist, or the title so that you can look it up or download it when you get home.

And it drives you absolutely insane until you can remember some snippet of something that gives you what you need to look it up.

Yes, that was the case for me today. I was driving back from the weekly hospital visit to work, and I had to lead a four-plus hour training class. Through the entire session I was thinking over and over again of one simple lyric.

Only problem was it was also part of a popular hymn, so everything I was looking up was turning in something I didn’t want.

But then again, while looking online for various possibilities, I also found a bunch of new music that I am looking forward to getting to know.

So if you’re looking for gift ideas, iTunes gift cards work well!!!

Anything for the kids!

So it was 102 degrees outside today, with a heat index of another seven degrees I think.  So what did I do?

Worked outside all day.

Today was a fund raising golf tournament for Prevent Blindness.  I have worked it for six or seven years now, and it’s a fantastic cause.  I would have gone regardless.  But still, all told, it was hot.  Very hot.  Hot enough that it makes you wonder if you forgot to ask for forgiveness for something.

Over the years, we’ve had days that were horribly cold around 40 degrees, last year the tournament was called because of violent thunderstorms, evidently one year before I started there was a tornado that came through . . . and this year it was just dang hot.  No breeze, no clouds, just sun and lots of heat.

But all told, the auction went well and there were several auction items.  It was a fun event, and I’ll see them next year!

A Small, Small Light

So today at church I was waiting for the sermon, only to not get one. We got a lot of songs, a lot of praising, and then instead of a sermon we had an “interview” with John. He is on furlough until the middle of July. He, his wife, and three kids run a Christian school–in the Gaza Strip.

Listening to this man, this local boy that is about my age, I was just floored with how much this one person can and has done. The first year the school was open, there were 67 students. 66 were Muslim, 1 was Christian. The stories this man told about his kids at the school and the things that they were doing were truly inspiring. From the compassion shown to these children to the difference a random act makes it is just amazing that the things God does over there has such a maximum impact.

I really enjoyed the service today. No ‘do this, not that’ sort of sermon, but I’m still thinking about it 12 hours later. I wish this man and his family well when they return next month. They need all the protection that they can get from God and his warriors, and I look forward to hearing of the great things that they have been able to accomplish when he comes back on furlough again in four years.

Special Olympics and Best Friends

So today was the hottest day of the year. I don’t do hot weather, that’s a given, yet for some reason a few weeks ago I decided to sign myself and B up to cheer at the Special Olympics for the tennis matches. The AC must have been off at work that day and caused my brain to malfunction.

So 100 degrees outside, and we went to watch the SOs. We had fun! We got lost, even on campus, and only got to watch two games between two girls that were actually roommates for the event. Given that one of them had never played singles before–she was supposed to play doubles and instead they messed up and put her in singles–she did a great job. And B, bless her, didn’t quite get tennis etiquette. “Ssshhh!” became my favorite word. But the girls did a great job, we had fun, and we even got out a bit early.

When we got home, my next door neighbor was finishing up her yard sale, so we joined her out there for awhile. Hot as hades, but in the shade with the fan blowing on us it wasn’t that bad. We had a visit, then realized that our slumber-party-that-isn’t was starting in two hours. So run home we did.

The it was off to C’s, where her husband, bless his heart, was conned into cooking burgers for the six of us with the understanding that he could then play poker all night. Made him happy. C, A, V, H, and B showed up too, and the six of us ate a ton, watched Juno, and just had a blast. How sad is it, though, that I then am home by 12 because I’m too tired to stay up?

Still, it was a fun day. Tomorrow I’m looking forward to church and then chilling out at home for awhile. Might catch a movie, might not, but it should be fun!!

Hope everyone else had a great weekend, and stay cool!

Am I Betraying My Gender, Take 2

So a couple weeks ago I wrote about how I had no desire to see the new Sex and the City movie.  And in the last two weeks I have had no fewer than six people ask me to see it.  C, V, C, L, and two other girls all wanted to go.  About the only one that doesn’t seem to care is B and NoMH, god bless ’em.

And with the exception of C, the response is always the same–“Whaddaya mean, you don’t want to see it.  Why on earth not”.  “How could you have not liked the series?”  “How could you have not even watched the series”.  “You’ve got to be the only girl I know that doesn’t want to go”.

Yeah, and I’m okay with that last one.  I’m sorry, but give me Ironman or Indiana Jones over simpy girls talking about bikini waxes and shoes any day of the week. Yes, my gender majority is going gaga over this.

I just prefer a grizzlied Harrison Ford or fit Robert Downey, Junior instead.  So sue me.