Games People Play

I have always been a game freak.  Board games, card games, you name it.  Late nights spent at my Nana and Papa’s house as a kid playing Scrabble and Triominoes in the kitchen so as not to wake Papa from his evening ‘nap’.  Growing up going to the beach where we had dinner at four in the afternoon so that we could play Rook for the entire evening.  Dad saying when I was seven that it was wrong that the parent actually had to cheat to win at Monopoly against me.  To this day still playing cards with family whenever we can, and younger brother and I can be reduced to hysterical tears of laughter over a game of Slapjack.  We have also drawn legions of stares while playing a spirited game of double-deck Spit while riding in the dining car across South Korea.  Mother’s day this year was spent as mom desired–playing dominoes with me, her, and nana.  Birthday this year was celebrated at a Cici’s pizza teaching a ten year old, seven year old, and their mother how to play Othello.

And a sympathetic loser, I am not.

I play to win, and make no bones about it.  Don’t even care if it’s a seven year old.   They need to learn disappointment.

So how excited am I that the game Password has returned to TV?  I remember watching it with my nana after the Price is Right as a kid and she even had the old board game version that we would also play at the beach.  This has the potential to be very bad, as I already should the answer whenever Jeopardy is on, and dude!  Neil Patrick Harris was on tonight!  What’s not to love??!!??!!

2 thoughts on “Games People Play

  1. Oh wow! I don’t think I’ve played that since you brought Dave to town when you first started dating!!! Yes, we have to teach Drew!! Oh, and remember my last post where I said I hadn’t really told people that I was doing this? That includes him. Haven’t really said anything about it. Hee!!

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