Now what do we do?

So four years ago there was this new show on TV.  It came on Sunday nights and it was total soap-opera material, but it was still a good show.  And the lead guy was darn good looking.  And it had some sassy supporting women in it as well.  So what if the main character was whiny and neurotic.  Gray’s Anatomy was still a good show.  B was over one night and got caught in it as well, and before I knew it every Sunday night we were making plans for dinner and to watch GA.  Double bonus for me, as I got to cook–something I don’t do that often for myself as it’s a bit boring to have leftovers for an entire week.

Well then, drat it, the people at ABC had to go mess things up.  They moved the show to a Thursday night slot.  Well B works on Thursday nights.  So Tivo, that blessed invention, once again saves the day and we still watch on Sundays.  Our party grew to three as she started seeing her high school sweetheart again, who is now her husband.  When he’s in town he joins in.  (And annoys us with ‘What happened to Burke?’ every ten minutes!) Continue reading