Waiting for the rain

So I have this thing . . . I love thunderstorms.  Good, old fashioned thunderstorms, especially if they’re during the day.  I could spend the day on the porch in a rocking chair enjoying the weather.  Well, I could if I had a porch.  Or a rocking chair for that matter.

Tonight I’m enjoying the twilight and the lightning instead of doing what I should be doing (dishes, paying bells, scrub the tub, etc.).  In the meantime I’m watching a minute on TV in three second jerks because it’s a digital feed–and we all know how digital feed loves atmospheric disturbances.  Ironically enough it’s the movie The Day After Tomorrow, about the world’s worst weather storm.  Yes, I’ll change the channel shortly.

Then, of course, I think of the things to do after the rain.  Pick up debris in the yard, seal the deck/chairs once it is dry but before it rains, make sure the tomatoes aren’t killed, make sure that the weed killer finally worked its way down in the rest of the yard, make sure that the grill cover didn’t blow off.

Totally worth it.  Bring it on.  In the words of the great Amanda Marshall, “Let it Rain”!

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