Technical Malfunction

So as I have said before, I am a TV whore. Vulgar, but oh-so-true. When cable or TiVo don’t work then it’s a bad thing around here.

But what cracks me up is when it tricks me out. I came home from work tonight and did the usual routine–cleaned up the kitchen a bit, took out recycling, took a shower, made dinner, etc. Then I rewound the TiVo (gotta love that 30 minute delay) to catch Jeopardy. Made sure the channel wasn’t frozen on the digital cable, something that is common in this weather, and settled down to enjoy the show. At 8pm on the clock, the TiVo started recording this month’s guilty pleasure–So You Think You Can Dance. After dinner and cleaning up I settled in to watch the show.


The TiVo thought it had switched channels and was recording, but the weather conditions are worsening and therefore the cable box only registered two of the first three digits to change the channel. As there is no channel 01, I ended up getting 40 minutes of Wife Swap. Not only did I get 40 minutes of the atrocity I also had the blue kyron info bar at the bottom of the screen. On Wife Swap! I’m sorry, but this ranks right up there with American Idol, that annoying nanny lady, and Something About Jim as one of the worst shows on TV.

Give me the talented, deluded, fit, and delusional auditions over on Fox, please. I want my 20 minutes back.

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