A Small, Small Light

So today at church I was waiting for the sermon, only to not get one. We got a lot of songs, a lot of praising, and then instead of a sermon we had an “interview” with John. He is on furlough until the middle of July. He, his wife, and three kids run a Christian school–in the Gaza Strip.

Listening to this man, this local boy that is about my age, I was just floored with how much this one person can and has done. The first year the school was open, there were 67 students. 66 were Muslim, 1 was Christian. The stories this man told about his kids at the school and the things that they were doing were truly inspiring. From the compassion shown to these children to the difference a random act makes it is just amazing that the things God does over there has such a maximum impact.

I really enjoyed the service today. No ‘do this, not that’ sort of sermon, but I’m still thinking about it 12 hours later. I wish this man and his family well when they return next month. They need all the protection that they can get from God and his warriors, and I look forward to hearing of the great things that they have been able to accomplish when he comes back on furlough again in four years.

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