Sometimes what is considered news just baffles me

You know, there are legitimate news stories. Sad, happy, scary, serious, trivial . . . but legitimate. News, sports, entertainment, weather, culture, international . . . also legitimate. Tim Russert died. Floodwaters in Iowa. Wildfires throughout the country. All legitimate.

Then there is the other news. The stuff that I just don’t believe is considered worthy of headlines, yet various websites and news services deem noteworthy. These are some of the examples:

  • In Genoa, Italy a man kidnapped his ex girlfriend. Yes that is a crime. I get that. He was mad at her for leaving him, so he kidnapped her. The motivation behind it is what cracks me up–he needed someone to iron his clothes and do the dishes.
  • A man in Singapore was arrested for molesting 23 women in 15 months. He is to serve 14 years in jail and receive 18 strokes of the cane (Caning on the buttocks is an additional punishment for male criminals in Singapore for offenses ranging from vandalism to illegal possession of drugs and rape). Again, molestation is a legitimate crime and deserves harsh punishment. But he did not sexually molest these women. He was convicted for sniffing their armpits. He received such a harsh sentence because of the extreme likelihood that he may repeat the crime. Hey, you never know. He might work for Secret–it’s strong enough for a man, but made for a woman, remember?
  • Romania is a nation that has democratic elections for its leaders. This is a good thing. I respect the process and think that the process is a good thing. I realize that not all nations have same-day results as we do here, but still it’s a good thing. In a recent election, Neculai Ivascu won the mayoral position he had occupied for almost two decades. Evidently he is a very popular mayor. So popular, in fact, that he won the vote after he died from liver disease. Evidently he died just after voting began, but authorities kept the poll open in case the opponent won, avoiding the need for another vote. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on the point of view), Ivascu won. The election officials gave the post to the runner up, but Ivascu’s party has called for a new vote as they want to make sure that Ivascu stays in office. What are they going to do? Send him to a taxidermist and have him permanently sitting behind his desk???
  • A jewelery clerk in Edmonton, Alberta had a promising customer come in to purchase some very expensive items. Commission, commission, commission! After selecting almost $10,000 in rings and necklaces he headed for the door–without taking off any of the jewels. And to make it even stupider, no one caught the guy. He just walked right out. I don’t know, maybe the people in Canada are a lot more trusting than they are in America, but every jewelery store here that carries anything worth any amount of money has an armed security guard at the door. So hey, if you see a 6’5″ man, 250 lbs., with a Chinese tattoo on his neck walking around with lots of bling, you might want to call Crime Stoppers.
  • When it rains it pours. It’s raining cats and dogs. It’s raining men. I’ve heard of all of these before, but I’ve never heard of it raining cement. In suburban Moscow an unsuspecting homeowner was shocked when a 25 pound bag of cement came crashing through the roof. Russians have practiced cloud seeding for years, a practice when man tries to override mother nature and change the forecast for wet weather. Unfortunately, the bag of cement didn’t disintegrate properly and instead crashed into the house. The homeowner was not injured, but refused an offer of 50,000 roubles ($2,100) from the air force, saying she would sue for damages and compensation for moral suffering. Let’s just hope that the Chinese, who are big believers in cloud seeding and are determined to have a rain-free Olympic games, don’t have the same problem later this summer!
  • Finally, and this is my last SatC reference, Carrie Bradshaw is too stupid to work an iPhone according to this website. Or to quote Gizmodo, “Carrie Bradshaw is an idiot”. Hee!

Have a great week! I’m out of town the end of the week, so who knows if I’ll post or not. Later!

2 thoughts on “Sometimes what is considered news just baffles me

  1. You kill me. Really. Reading this stuff has made my blood pressure go sky high. So know, whlle you laugh, that you are killing me. (This was even better than Snopes, sugar! Well done!)

    I’m gone on vacation come Friday, so I’ll visit you when I get home!

  2. Hey, this stuff went out through Reuters and the Associated Press! I mean, seriously?!?! I’d love a job where I had to write on this whacked out stuff all day. Beats the office gig all to hell!

    Enjoy your vacation! My love to all four boys!

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