As much as I love Joshua is as much as I am annoyed by Mary

And that’s a lot.

I am absolutely immersed in So You Think You Can Dance.  I have watched since Season 2, and it’s the water-cooler show for the girls here on the second floor at the office.

I love Mia Michaels and her ‘earthy’ style of choreography, I love the addition of Tabitha and Napoleon this year and their ‘lyrical hip-hop’ routines, I love that Doriana Sanchez thinks that disco and the hustle (which are admittedly difficult when done properly) deserve their proper place among the foxtrot and contemporary despite how cheesy they look.  I think that Tyce is hit or miss, I that Nigel is very well versed, and I think that Mary is extremely talented and full of great advice but needs to shut her yap on occasion and stop with the screaming.  It drives me nuts.  Be complimentary.  Have a shtick.  Just don’t do it at twelve decibles.

That being said, ohmigoshhowawesomewerejoshuaandkateelastnight?????  The final dance of the night, doing the samba, and these kids KILLED it.  Fabulous!  I think that Mark finally stepped it up and the number that he did with Chelsie (by Tab and Napoleon) was very good, and I think that ‘Twitchington’ pulled it off but being the first number might not work in their favor.

Overall I thought all eight numbers were good.  The problem is that Comfort/Chris and Chelsea/Thayne were competing on a level that those from season two were on, and the ones in season four are just light years ahead.  I think that Comfort will be able to save herself if her solo is good, not so sure about Chelsea and Thayne.

The other couple that I’m on the fence about is Jessica and Will.  Yes, he’s talented.  Yes, he was trained by Debbie Allen.  Last night Doriana gave them material to showcase Jessica, and it was okay.  Not great, but okay.  The big death drop is something that always amazes and looks good, but HE was the one that messed it up, banging Jessica on the floor.  Some moves he nailed, some he didn’t.  I’m not sure how they’re going to do.

But all of the acts that would have pulled muster in previous seasons were put to shame with the last two–Mark/Chelsea set the bar high, and you start to think that it is the number of the night. And then Joshua and Katee come out.  For the samba, for heaven’s sake, which freaked them both out when they pulled the card from the hat.  And they ROCKED the dance!  This kid, I’m telling you, is phenomenal.  And for someone who said that she would potentially stop dancing if she didn’t make it on the show causing a re-vote in Vegas to determine if she had the proper attitude for the show, well, baby, that Katee is making her mark as well.  The two of them are just hitting every number.  The hip hop routine the first week almost made me cry, last week’s Broadway was fun, and this was just, well, amazing.

Okay, I’m done rhapsodizing about last night’s episode.  Results are tonight, so we’ll see who stays.  I’m anxious to see how they do after they have to change partners for week six, but for now I’m enjoying the pairings.

WARNING: Those of you (okay, the three of you) that read this regularly might just have to be prepared for a season long commentary on this show.  Or at least until Burn Notice starts in a few weeks.  Hee!

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