This week has been brought to you by the letter C!

So, yeah, this week has been absolutely crazy. You know how it is with a short week at work, you never know what’s going to happen, and then I’m on vacation next week so it’s always insane.

Sunday was fine, I guess, I started off at church, was supposed to meet a friend for a movie who ditched so I got a bunch of errands done, dealt with HP support in India and the ever so unhelpful man named Steve who said his supervisor would be in on Tuesday to help me, and then did some work around the house.  Blah day.

Monday was normal.  That’s the end of that one.

Tuesday I worked until 1, then I had to stop by the store to make a return, go by B & NoMH’s house to feed the cat/fish because they are on vacation as well, stop by the library to pick up a book I had on hold, stop by the hospital because I had to get my weekly injections (yippee!), come by the house to let the dog out and scarf a PB&J and then brush my teeth before I made it to the dentist on the other side of town by 330.  Then after finding out that I have ANOTHER cavity (I swear I had perfect teeth until I was 27, I don’t know what the hell is going on) I had a hair appointment further across town at 430.  Hairdresser was running late but I still managed to get out of there and get to the used bookstore by 530 which is when they stop taking in books (I’m going on vacation, remember?  Need reading material, and in this economy made more sense to use my $350 of credit there than go anywhere else!)  Be at mom’s house by 6 to fix the computer, fix the TVs, fix the cable, fix mom before heading out to dinner.  I had a gift card my sisters gave me for Christmas to use at Bonefish grill, which I heard was pretty good but unfortunately is almost a 50 minute drive from my house so I needed an excuse to go.  Mom is only 15 minutes away, so I got to treat her to dinner for a change.  Dinner was nice though the waiter was weird, and I did enjoy it.  If they ever open over here (can’t believe I’m suggesting that I like a chain restaurant!) I’d certainly consider it again.  After leaving mom’s I had to go to Wal-Mart because the last item on my list was not open, and of course Wal-Mart didn’t have what I needed.  Got gas, then came on home.  Got home at 1055, and damn was I tired.

Wednesday at work was crazy,  no change, then I came straight home and went to town on my photos that I was trying to finish up.  Watched a movie (big mistake) and then of course had to watch SYTYCD which meant I didn’t get much done other than laundry.  Worst part of the day was trying to get a guy moved 80 miles down the street out in Indiana on the 3rd and dealing with his apartment complexes.  But I pulled it off, paid out $1500 of which all but $400 and change comes back, which is cool by me.  Useful day!

Thursday at work was LOVELY.  Everyong was out, my boss came in at noon, I got so much done!  First time I can remember in a long while where I left for vacation and truly everything was done before I left.  I know I have a mountain of stuff when I get back in order to prepare for our lovely summer hooplah that we put on, but that would be normal for that time anyway.  I got 3rd quarter projections finished, drink tickets done for the hooplah, schedules, everything.  Amazing!

Friday, though it was a holiday, I had to work as well–at Potomac Mills with the Marines again.  I was wiped when I got home, so we decided to go the baseball game a little late.  It was almost 745 when we got there, and they were only in the 4th inning because of a rain delay.  Thanks to a tying home run in the bottom of the 9th, it wasn’t until the 14th inning that we finished the game.  Fireworks started at 1115!  I had to drop my car off at the mechanics afterwards, which means I didn’t get home until LATE!  I was so dang tired I slept like a rock.

So here I am today, sitting here typing away on what I did all week which I’m sure is boring as hell to whoever stumbles across the blog, and all I can do is think of the food/clothes I need to pack for vacation and how much I need to clean my house.  Ever notice how you take more on vacation than you ever need at home?  Yeah, that’s the case here too.  But that’s okay.  I’m looking forward to catching up with an old friend and flying for a few days, provided the weather holds out.  I have tons of sunscreen and lots of books, plus my hammock is easily transportable.  So I’m off for the next several days, then back for KingsFest the later part of the week.

And the best part?  I don’t have to answer the phone or wear 4″ heels for the next ten days!

See you on the flip side, everyone.  I’ll post photos of flying if I can, if not, then the thunderstorms at the beach should make some great pictures!

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