Ten small things that I was thankful for today

  1. I have a roof over my head and an air conditioner that works when it is 99+ outside
  2. I have a next-door neighbor that lets me come dunk in her backyard above-ground pool when it is 99+ outside
  3. I have a former coworker that has a chainsaw and didn’t mind coming over when a mutual friend asked him to give me a hand, especially when he was paid in beer
  4. I haven’t seen said coworker in over four years and he still came over
  5. The trees (well, branches the size of small trees) that came down while I was on vacation are now in small piles all by the trashcan thanks to the chainsaw of former coworker
  6. Former coworker has quoted me on removing my dead tree, offered to till and redo my backyard in September, and said he might come over with a mower some day this week in addition to possibly removing the remainder of the debris that is in my front yard and slowly filling the trash canister
  7. Big huge work conference seemed to go off without a hitch overall, and the parts that I was in charge of seemed to go very smoothly.
  8. Made a friend laugh by spoofing something we had just read and coming up with the Ten House Rules for any guests in my home
  9. Mom took me to lunch today and I had enough for dinner (only I forgot to bring it home so it is really going to be lunch)
  10. Caffeine Free Diet Coke

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