Denial is a wonderful thing!

So Thursday, I was home from work by 1pm.  Went through a box of Kleenex.  Friday, no job to go to, went to lunch with an old friend and dinner with a former coworker.  We were supposed to be at dinner to talk about the big hooplah the prior weekend, but given the recent events had other things to discuss.

Saturday, I had to wait for the cable guy.  While waiting, I called B to see if she could meet me in 30 minutes to go clean out my desk.  Thirty minutes, fifty, same thing, right? We got to the office around 11.  I was so thankful she came with me, as I knew that not only physically I would have a lot to clean up and distribute around as I work on a lot of stuff I didn’t want to just leave out, but it would be easier if she could help.

It took about 15 minutes to clean up my personal stuff, no brainer.  But we were there for two hours distributing stuff among different people, recycling bins, and trashcans.  Not to mention that I had file cabinets in three different places.  I think I would have held it together just fine if it weren’t for those that I worked with coming by to commiserate and cry themselves.  There were a dozen or so of us cleaning out our desks, including one of my bosses.  I couldn’t go into his office, we had already cried together on the phone, and knew it would be too hard to do it in person.  Oddly enough, the part the bothered me the most is that my boss ditched out and my former boss didn’t say a word to me.

On my way out, one of the guys that I really like came to me (again!) and just hugged me tight.  I left a note on the bulletin board for two of my bosses that are coming in on Monday and said goodbye, as well as gifts throughout the office to some people.  I know that some of these people I’ll keep in touch with on a regular basis, others maybe not, but I will miss them.  I may not have always liked the practices of the company I worked for (and face it, it’s difficult to find a job where that isn’t the case), but I always loved most of the people I worked with and thoroughly enjoyed the work I did.  Plus I was dang good at it.

So after crying my dang eyes out for the entire afternoon, we decided to go to a movie to get away from everything.  C, B, and I went to see Prince Caspian at the second-run theater, and C decided her 4 year old daughter, S, was ready to go to a movie with the big girls.  The balcony was open with stadium seating, and we all loved it.  Plus S was just too cute to watch.  Getting away for 2 1/2 hours into a world where good and evil can be broken down easily was very nice, then I came home and did some computer work before going to bed.

Today, I did the escapism/denial thing all over again.  I went to early service at church, came home with Vickie to work on fliers to recruit volunteers.  Then I met B, new friend from church B, and C to go see Mamma Mia.  I mean, what can be better than middle aged people in sequins and spandex to get away, right?  The movie was cute, but after seeing the stage production twice and this movie I’m not sure it’s something I want to pay for again.  I might get the movie after it comes out and is reduced to $8 or so to have at home because there are some good parts to it, and it would be a good fall-asleep-watching-this sort of movie.  So we all had fun.  Then, on the way out, we ran into another former employee that left a few years ago and had a great little chat.

So, yes!  Denial is a good thing!  Gets you away from the tissue box and into another world.  Something that I tend to do all too often on my own, but why not even more when things like this are going on and we all need a reason to completely distance ourselves from what’s going on around us, right?

Oh, and regarding the article I posted (and credited!) earlier–we’re still trying to figure out where the 90 people come from.  We think it counts the field positions, as they would boost the total to 90ish.  Because right now, the executive lot has only got 9 cars left in it and the rest of the building is about 50 other employees between the warehouse and the office.  I’m sure that there will be more fallout this week, and my heart just aches for those affected.

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