Top 25 Documentary Films

I’ve done movie lists before, from the top 1001 all time to the top 100 modern day must see movies.  This is the first list of documentaries that I have seen.  Interestingly enough, only one or two of them appear on the other two lists.  Many of these are in my Blockbuster queue, ironically enough!

Again, I have marked the ones I have seen and have some of my comments next to a few.  I’m really not surprised with what showed up, most of them are very well known.  The only exception is #19 which was never released and is only available for educational purposes to schools and the like.  I also wish that Mad Hot Ballroom had made the list, but alas no such luck.  And I understand, it was a great film, but not quite the same caliber as the ones listed below.  Oh well.  The complete list of IDA’s “25 Best Documentaries” is included below:

25. “Woodstock,” directed by Michael Wadleigh Continue reading