The one time I don’t have my camera with me . . . .

So today I was out running errands.  [Since I am unemployed, it’s become a task in efficiency for me–see how many places I can get to with the shortest amount of driving to accomplish the maximum amount of things on my list.  I even made it 3 1/2 weeks without filling my gas tank–a new record!] 85% of the time, I have my digital camera floating around in the bottom of my bag.  I try hard to take photos whenever I can, and when I’m out and about I love especially love taking photos in natural settings.  I’ve knocked on doors so people don’t freak out when I’m in the yard zooming in on a tree blossom or stopped to get the mother goose and seven goslings crossing a six lane thoroughfare, or what have you.  One of the views I love is the juxtaposition of having a tree cluster and a lone bare tree in the mix.  A result of lightning, it’s dead, it’s been stripped bare, whatever–in the right lighting or setting it can be a beautiful combination.

So today I’m driving down the road at 55mph, getting ready to take the exit to get on the interstate, and there is such a scene coming up on the other side of the road.  Beautiful green foliage with some wildflowers underneath at roadside, and this one tree that–while not completely bare–extended far above the canopy with it’s wispy, barren branches.  There was an odd growth on it, and I was trying to figure out what it was while at a stoplight.  When I was able to drive closer I realized it wasn’t a growth, it was a nest, or maybe even a bird.  It wasn’t until I was right up on it (and remember it’s about 30 feet higher than I and on the opposite side of a four lane divided road) that I realized it was a bird.

Not just any bird, but a big fat owl.

We don’t have owls around here.  Or not many of them anyway, and not big ones or ones that appear in the daytime. It was truly a spectacular sight.

And here I am without my camera.


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