Wah. (Or how I am indulging my whiny side tonight!)

I’m tired of being unemployed.

I’m sleepy.

I’m hungry.

I don’t wanna cook.

I’m bored.

I’m uninspired.

I don’t wanna clean house.

I just told off a recruiter for not reading properly.

I’m depressed because my swimming pool went away today.  Who cares that it wasn’t mine, they didn’t have to drain it!

So all in all, good day!

3 thoughts on “Wah. (Or how I am indulging my whiny side tonight!)

  1. I was watching RENT earlier. (Bad idea when one is alone.) I thought about the drive home after you, Nathan, and I fell how manyever feet in that weird wrapped contraption they told us was ‘all good’ at King’s Dominion. I had Ethan inside me at the time, though I didn’t know it. It was one of the best moments of my life. We sang “Rent” the whole way home.

    Ethan loves the story of how he kicked the crap out of me at the concert we went to – Bill Somethingorother. The electric violin came on, and he got busy in-utero. It’s his favorite story.

    Who was that?

  2. I still love that show. It closed this week, you know. Regal cinemas is showing a taped version of the final performance with a special appearance by the original cast later this month. Kinda like how they do with the opera and stuff. I remember that day too. One of the best times I’d had, just hanging out, the three of us, getting stuck in the Volcano line and getting the sports trivia specialist three rows back, drinking beer on the patio of Main Street, and then flying in that contraption with Nate singing “Superman” the entire time. Awesome day.

    I remember that concert! Another cool day! It was Octoberish, and Carbon Leaf was opening for Béla on Belle Isle. We took chairs, a cooler, and hung out for hours. You were close–it is Béla (not Bill) Fleck and the Flecktones. Béla has done some crazy amazing stuff with both his band and then pairing up with those like Edgar Meyer to do classical albums as well. I have a ton of them, if we get together for dinner I can burn a few for you.

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