Odd News Update

It’s been awhile, so it’s time again for the things that I found interesting online today!

  • Oh how I wish I had been there!  I love Prosecco, it’s one of my favorite wines.  Today I found a news article that shows I’m not the only one, as a plumbing mistake turned water into wine during a public celebration in Marino, Italy.  Evidently during the town’s Sagra dell’ Uva, or Grape Festival, there is a point when sparkling white wine flows from the fountains in the main square.  But this year locals and tourists were surprised to receive water instead of wine as a mistake by the plumbers meant the wine was switched to local homes.  How many people do you think managed to stock up before they festival officials alerted the local town magistrates???
  • This one from my brother.  It is just so unthinkable that I have a hard time comprehending it.  (Or, as he said, it’s a pain in the Continue reading

My apologies!

Six months ago this Saturday, October 11, my blog started as a way to see if I could be creative enough to write something interesting every day for 60 days.  Well I don’t know about the interesting part, but the 60 days went well enough.  Everything from rants on the news to sharing absurd news stories to random tales of my life and reviews of TV infomercial products found their way into my ramblings.  And once the 60 days were over I kind of stopped trying to find something to talk about daily, instead just choosing to publish when I found something worthy of discussion.  I have never published the blog widely, only to a few select friends and whomever happened upon it by chance.  I don’t even think my family knows of it–if they do, I certainly didn’t tell them, they must have found it from somewhere else.

I’ve never been one for keeping a diary, even as a kid.  I have a fairly (okay, a really good) memory, even if my mother swears it is selective in the facts it retains.  This blog was never meant to serve as a diary, simply another outlet to express whatever the heck I feel like expressing, and if it was autobiographical in that endeavor then so be it.  Yet I have noticed a marked decline in the number of postings since I lost my job in July.  I don’t know why, but it just has.  I don’t know if I just don’t feel like writing, I don’t feel inspired, I don’t make the time, I just don’t wanna, I just don’t know.  Maybe it’s because losing my job was such a traumatic and raw experience for me that everything else in life became traumatic and raw by comparison, and I’m all about sharing the fluff instead of the realism.  (Why else do you think I put so many weird newscaps on here for cryin’ out loud?!?!)

So for those three of you that click in to read every now and again, hoping to find something semi-entertaining, my apologies.  Hopefully better times are coming soon!