Odd News Update

It’s been awhile, so it’s time again for the things that I found interesting online today!

  • Oh how I wish I had been there!  I love Prosecco, it’s one of my favorite wines.  Today I found a news article that shows I’m not the only one, as a plumbing mistake turned water into wine during a public celebration in Marino, Italy.  Evidently during the town’s Sagra dell’ Uva, or Grape Festival, there is a point when sparkling white wine flows from the fountains in the main square.  But this year locals and tourists were surprised to receive water instead of wine as a mistake by the plumbers meant the wine was switched to local homes.  How many people do you think managed to stock up before they festival officials alerted the local town magistrates???
  • This one from my brother.  It is just so unthinkable that I have a hard time comprehending it.  (Or, as he said, it’s a pain in the ass.)  A man in Kansas won the lottery for the second time this year.  What is notable is not the fact that he won twice, but that he called the cops on his girlfriend who had been stuck to the toilet for over a month.  Evidently Kory McFadden called the police because she had been in the bathroom for over two years, upon further examination they determined she had been sitting on the toilet for at least a month, and the toilet had adhered to sores on her body.  I mean I’ve heard of being glued to your seat before, but that is ridiculous!
  • I have long been an addict of the lovely Meg Wood’s Boyfriend in the News.  She also sometimes does these updates that crack me up.  And on one she had the other day, she opened with this statement: Here’s what’s new and returning to the boob tube, better known in France as “le tubeaux des boobez.”  (Not really.) (But you probably knew that already.) Le Tubeaux des boobez.  Let me tell you folks, pineapple juice is not pleasant when it comes out of your nose when laughing.  Consider it a warning.
  • I haven’t decided which bozo I am voting for yet in this election.  I remember saying to a friend of mine four years ago after Obama had made such a splash at the convention and then gone on Oprah where she said she’d vote for him if he ran that we would see him on the ticket in 2008.  Sure ’nuff, here he is.  He’s so darned green, though, and it’s hard to say that I have confidence in him.  He has charisma, sure, but that can only take you so far.  The other one, though, isn’t much better.  I would really hate to see this country returning back to the older generation for Commander in Chief.  We finally got into the Baby Boomers with Bill Clinton, and I just don’t think that putting a guy in his 70s in office can be a good thing, especially if it is someone that is so close on Bush’s policies.  Just once I want a candidate I can vote for, instead of voting for the lesser of two evils as I have done the past few elections I’ve voted in.  And the VP choices didn’t inspire much confidence either.  Sorry, random ranting tangent.  Funny news really applies here, I swear.  Again, the brilliant Meg Wood put out a recap after the VP debate.  Had me in stitches.  Please, go here to read it.  Some highlights:Number of times the candidates said the following words or phrases: Maverick:  Biden 4, Palin 987 (give or take); “Bosniacs”: Biden 1, Palin 0 (p.s. they should totally adopt this moniker officially – aDORable!); [Audible sigh]:  Biden 2, Palin 0.  Please go and read her blog, it’s a riot.
  • This headline cracked me up:  Bogus Trend of the Week: Dudes with Cats.  Author Jack Shafer goes on to discuss “men who seem to be coming out of the cat closet and unabashedly embracing their feline side.”  Hilarious.  To those dudes that are described by this article–and trust me, I just thought of a half dozen vulgar epithets that I could insert here–my advice to you is this:  Get a dog.

That’s it for news of the bizarre.  I’ll have to start watching carefully as I haven’t been paying much attention to this sort of thing lately.  Have a great week!

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