When is the age that we are deemed ‘too old’ to do this sort of thing?

So last night my brother came home for the weekend.  We are very close, but we haven’t seen each other much in the last six months.  He only lives 120 miles away, but with logistics, jobs, and the cost of gas it has been a bit difficult to get together.  I realize this is common as you grow older, but at the same time it’s a bit sad as I love my brother, he is my best friend.

Anyway, last night he came home.  We had actually planned to meet last weekend at a nearby theme park to enjoy their Halloween theme, but the weather was abysmal.  So after I got off work (yes!  I’m employed!  It’s a temp gig, but at least it’s full time with benefits.  Took a 30% pay cut, but it was the only thing I could get for now! Back to our regular story…) Continue reading