Thoughts on this election day

I have already expressed my opinion of people that don’t vote.  (I think that it is stupid, and you have no right to complain about your country or the politics if you don’t vote.)  However here are two things regarding the candidates/campaign that cracked me up today:

Paula Poundstone, on the NPR Quiz Show Wait, Wait . . . Don’t Tell Me! on the topic of the  $150,000 clothing expenditures by John McCain’s campaign for Sarah Palin (I’m paraphrasing here): From the day that she was announced as the candidate to the day that elections are held, November 4, 2008, is less than 150 days.  Anyone that needs more than $1000/day as a clothing budget obviously has some very expensive clothing tastes!

From the Waiter over at Waiterrant, and my apologies as I am copying word for word here because he expresses this so very very well:

Vote. I don’t care who you vote for. Just vote.

Americans have suffered lynching and torture so we can vote.  Americans have faced down fire hoses and dogs, been bombed, murdered, and maimed so we can vote. Americans have labored in unpaid obscurity and have been ridiculed and ostracized so we can vote. Americans have gone to prison so we could vote. Americans have had their reputations ruined so we could vote. American servicemen and women have returned home with grievous wounds and psychological scars so we can vote. Americans have fought and died so we can vote.

It doesn’t matter if the lines at the voting booth are long or we think we don’t have enough time to cast a ballot. We have time. Countless unsung heroes made the time for us.


5 thoughts on “Thoughts on this election day

  1. More parroting of the Palin attacks. Campaigns spend millions of dollars on clothing, food, polling, ads, travel, fundraising etc. BOTH campaigns do this. She doesn’t choose the wardrobe and doesn’t get to keep it. It’s just another campaign expense of many, certainly not the biggest expenditure.

  2. And I don’t dispute that. This goes back to John Edwards and his $400 haircuts. I am fully aware of the outrageous expenditures by both campaigns–I went out of town for five days and had SIXTEEN personal phone messages (no automation) from the Obama campaign where he was trying to burn up his cash as well. I just thought it was a hysterical comparison . . . and show me a woman that wouldn’t mind having a $1000/day budget to go shopping on!!!

  3. I respectively disagree with Waiter’s view of “I don’t care who you vote for. Just vote.”

    IMNSHO, if you don’t know who you want to vote for, stay the heck home and let informed citizens make the decision!!! I’m all for patriotic duty, exercising our rights, etc., but with that right comes the duty to vote responsibly, i.e. with a full understanding of the issues and candidates, not just whichever name appeals to you most when you get to the ballot box.

    [/soapbox] 🙂

  4. I wouldn’t mind having 1000 dollars a day (legitimately), but I wouldn’t spend it on clothes, I’d save it to pay my rent, or to buy food. And I’d quit my job to work for and buy supplies for a soup kitchen =P

  5. To BRWombat:

    The comment was that he didn’t care who YOU vote for, just so long as you vote – not that he didn’t care who HE voted for.

    I appreciated his sentiments, in contrast to the typical attitude that, if you don’t vote for the same person I vote for, you shouldn’t vote at all.

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