Who needs Hollywood when the real world is this entertaining? (Part 2)

The continuation of last night’s posting:

  • There are some sick, sick people out there.  Now, I know that there are those that greatly support plastic surgery and sing its praises for whatever purpose they chose while going under the knife.  Then you have people like the catlady or Joan Rivers who are obviously obsessed.  Neither one of them can top this woman, however, who was so addicted to face lifts that over the past 20 years she had dozens and dozens of surgeries.  When they wouldn’t operate any longer, she injected her own face with cooking oil.  Aside from the fact that she could be her own fondue source, let me just say . . . ewww.  Gross.
  • Can we chalk this one up to senility?  Dementia?  There has to be some sort of external explanation. Margaret Bernstorff, 94, from Evanston, Illinois lived with her three siblings.  The only catch is that they were all dead.  Sister Elaine died in the late 1970s; brother Frank died at 83 in 2003; and sister Anita died in May at the age of 98.  Evidently Margaret told nosy neighbors that the other members of her family were traveling or ill.  I don’t know what is creepier–the fact that there were three corpses in her house or the fact that until 2003 there were three siblings, alive, living in the house with a 25 year dead corpse.  Again, let me just say . . . ewww. Gross.
  • I realize that when at work most people don’t want your personal life interfering.  Hungover, sleepy, angry, who cares.  Show up, do the job, go home.  Yet an Israeli soldier was put in jail for committing a “disrespectful act” during a speech on Yitzhak Rabin, the PM that was assassinated in 1995, by one of his commanders.  The “disrespectful act” landed him in the brig for 21 days.  The soldier’s mom told PR sources in Israel that her son did not commit a “disrespectful act” but was merely sleepy, seeing as how the “disrespectful act” was simply the soldier yawning.
  • I thought that my younger brother’s friend had passed over the line of propriety when he used a friend’s prosthetic leg when a beer pitcher was unavailable.  Nope, sorry, this guy used his own prosthetic leg to rob a bank–he hid the cash in the hollow leg and tried to get away.  I wonder if it would work as a man-purse, or better yet a place to hold lipstick, keys, and a cell phone.  Inconvenient on the dance floor maybe, but handy that’s for sure!
  • I actually had to look up Burundi on the map to figure out where it was.  Shame on me.  There are still some interesting “religions” over there that believe in different sorts of black magic.  Unfortunately, that meant that an albino child was killed and dismembered for her body parts as it was believed that they had ancient magic stored in them.  Very sad, and unfortunately woefully uneducated.
  • As a sign of how children today just don’t respect their elders, an eleven year old boy in Fort Pierce, Florida offered his mother $5 not to call the police.  Why would she call the police?  Well, he didn’t want to take his medication so he hit her in the head.  With a saw.  You’d have to give me a lot more than $5 to shut up about that one.
  • This one doesn’t need much of a preamble.  “A priest at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in downtown Greenville has told parishioners that those who voted for Barack Obama placed themselves under divine judgment because of his stance on abortion and should not receive Holy Communion until they’ve done penance.”  Evidently, the Rev. Jay Scott Newman thinks that despite church teaching which doesn’t allow him to refuse Holy Communion to anyone based on political choices he should still spread “the church’s strong teaching on the ‘intrinsic and grave evil of abortion’ as a hidden form of murder.”  Hilarious.  What ever happened to separation of church and state?  One thing I have really apprecaited over the last year is the fact that my church did not encourage either candidate for the congregation.  The only thing I heard was that election day should be a day of fasting and prayer for the future of the country.  Now that I can get behind.

That’s it for the latest edition of weird news.  Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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