Doctor Grover, at your service!

dr-groverI have to say when I saw this photo I was absolutely thrilled.  Then I found out he was going to be on Scrubs.  Now I would normally watch Scrubs anyway, but this just made me want to watch even more.  It was a short scene, didn’t last more than 45 seconds or so, but he even managed to get in the “Near . . . . . . . . Faaaarrrrrr!” that instantly brought back images from the original Sesame Street TV show.

Here’s to the brilliance that is, was, and forever shall be Jim Henson.  What a wonderful way to continue these characters, and such a great use of an old favorite!

(Now if they had only had Super Grover crash through the door in order to save the day, or Waiter Grover deliver Kelso his muffin . . . .)

Observations from Today’s Presidential Inauguration

Today was the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States.  This year, more than any in my memory, people have very passionate feelings over what is to come for the next four years.  My mother alone is driving me crazy with her cracks on the now-President and the disaster that his administration is going to bring.  Others in places all over the world are crying with joy at how far this country has come.

My feeling (which I have expressed numerous times) on the matter is this: I don’t care who you voted for, as long as you voted.  If you didn’t vote, then shut your yap.  This afternoon summed it up perfectly: V called me and said “doesn’t today just make you proud to be an American and to be able to witness today?” then there was my mother who called me five minutes after and said “well we’re screwed for the next four years, today is just the beginning of the end.”  Look, if you did vote, and you voted for the other party, then I’m sorry you lost.  Even though you didn’t vote for him, however, Barack Obama is now the leader of this country.  For no other reason than the fact that it is what the founders of this country demanded, the man deserves your respect and your support now that he is in office.  I not saying I voted for him, I’m not saying I voted against him–in fact, my friend V and I made sure we each cancelled out the vote of the other as there were things about both candidates that we did/did not like.  I wasn’t a big fan of George W., but he was my President and for that reason I respected him.  I’ve been fairly careful to not come out with a soapbox and preach my political standings to the masses.  Or the smaller crowds either, for that matter.  Well, okay, maybe to just the dog.  Truth of the matter is I think that Ronald McDonald could have won this as long as he was on the Democratic ticket, since the Republicans have been in the lead for the last eight years.

Enough of me blabbering about semantics.  There were a few things thought that I thought were a riot, some thing that I thought were memorable (well, okay, all was memorable, but certain points), and I wanted to write about them so I didn’t forget them all. Continue reading

Please Pass the Painkillers

Don’t know what happened to the first version of this posting, so here is the rewrite!

Waiting for Community Cleanup Day....

Waiting for Community Cleanup Day….

So Saturday was it.  No more excuses, no more procrastinating, no more dilly dallying, it was time.  I raked leaves.

I recruited help in the form of B and NoMH.  Told them I’d be starting right at 8am, they said there was no way they’d be able to get there that early (shocker!) but they’d be there no later than 9.  They got here at 10:15.  (Yes, I was irritated and annoyed, even though I knew better.)

From 8 to 4 I/we worked pretty much non-stop.  Rules were simple: get all leaves up, don’t fill the bags more than halfway because the county won’t take more than three a week and as they get water-laden they’ll break, and keep working.  B has an issue with these rules, seeing as how she can ‘fit even more’ in the bags, regardless of me begging her to stop because I didn’t want to have to redo them all in three weeks or three months or whenever that particular bag makes it into the supercan.  So B was reassigned to do the gutters.  Disagreed vehemently with the gutter rule (leaves must go in a bag, not just thrown on the grown to be dealt with later) but we had a bit better luck.  Didn’t have much success in getting her to stop fiddling with my siding or other things but that is just her way.  I love them both for helping, but I think that by the time the day was over, they both hated me. Continue reading

When Commercial Advertising Actually Works

As a devoted TiVo owner, I freely admit that I fast forward through 98% of all commercials that air on my television set–a cardinal sin for someone who used to work for a major advertising agency. However, while watching the BCS Championship Game this evening, I had to watch the commercials and all. I am so tired of Verizon phones, the Hardee’s Little Thickburger, Financial advisors, Olive Garden and Kevin James’s new movie, but there was one commercial that cracked me up.

It was for FedEx, the sponsor for the football game. It is a pretty generic commercial, and the last five seconds had me laughing out loud. It opens in an office where people are doing anything to keep warm–wastebasket fires, insular ware, etc. All due to Nordic Tuesdays. A coworker asks if the theme is just because it is fun (where everyone of course is miserable) or if it is because they need to save money. Enter the FedEx delivery man, who talks about how they can save money with the business plan and blah blah blah blah. Who cares. I tuned it out. After Mr. Announcer Man gave his spiel, it cuts to a man sitting against the bathroom wall next to the sinks working on a laptop. The background noise stops, and he reaches overhead and smacks the auto hand dryer that is just above his head. Instantly returns to typing without missing a step. Hilarious.

I guess you really had to see it, but trust me, it was funny.

A Fitting Eulogy and Must See Movie!

Fred Knittle

Fred Knittle

If you haven’t seen the movie Young At Heart yet, please run, don’t walk, to your nearest Blockbuster store or Netflix queue and grab it. It is a heart warming story about a choir consisting of seniors, average age is over 80, who tour while singing songs from The Clash or Sonic Youth or Coldplay, etc. It is a moving story of how you can’t let age stop you from enjoying things and how sometimes the community of peers you surround yourself with is what makes you stronger.

That being said, one of the stars of the movie, Fred Knittle, passed away this week.  He was such a comedian, and I will never think of the BeeGees again without remembering him toting his oxygen tank. A writeup on his passing was in USAToday and can be found here.  I have also copied excerpted text from Anthony Breznican’s article after the jump.  Once you see the movie, let me know what you think! Continue reading