When Commercial Advertising Actually Works

As a devoted TiVo owner, I freely admit that I fast forward through 98% of all commercials that air on my television set–a cardinal sin for someone who used to work for a major advertising agency. However, while watching the BCS Championship Game this evening, I had to watch the commercials and all. I am so tired of Verizon phones, the Hardee’s Little Thickburger, Financial advisors, Olive Garden and Kevin James’s new movie, but there was one commercial that cracked me up.

It was for FedEx, the sponsor for the football game. It is a pretty generic commercial, and the last five seconds had me laughing out loud. It opens in an office where people are doing anything to keep warm–wastebasket fires, insular ware, etc. All due to Nordic Tuesdays. A coworker asks if the theme is just because it is fun (where everyone of course is miserable) or if it is because they need to save money. Enter the FedEx delivery man, who talks about how they can save money with the business plan and blah blah blah blah. Who cares. I tuned it out. After Mr. Announcer Man gave his spiel, it cuts to a man sitting against the bathroom wall next to the sinks working on a laptop. The background noise stops, and he reaches overhead and smacks the auto hand dryer that is just above his head. Instantly returns to typing without missing a step. Hilarious.

I guess you really had to see it, but trust me, it was funny.

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